Wise Woman Within

Stage 9 Crystallization: Reaping Rewards

‘Stage 9 is a time when creative energy is coming to fruition.’ Susanne F Fincher This stage represents the afternoon, the ‘just less than full’ gibbous moon, a rose in full bloom and/or the stage of mid-life where we begin to understand our true Self.   ‘…we realise our place in the world as an individual… Continue reading Stage 9 Crystallization: Reaping Rewards

Wise Woman Within

Stage 8 Functioning Ego: Functioning in the World

Stage 8 of the Great Round Of Mandala is outwardly active with a sense of being energetic, successful, doing, creating and communicating with the world. There is a sense of functioning well as an individual and also in relationships as we take full responsibility for our own lives and step into our own individual consciousness:… Continue reading Stage 8 Functioning Ego: Functioning in the World