Wise Woman Within

Courageous Joy

Through Intuitive Dance, Meditation & Mandalas: Discover your heart & soul intentions for the New Year. This self-exploration workshop is an invitation from my heart to yours to explore and experiment, to make sense of what is in our hearts and bodies, to move freely and intuitively, to express our deepest and truest selves through… Continue reading Courageous Joy

Wise Woman Within

Stage 9 Crystallization: Reaping Rewards

‘Stage 9 is a time when creative energy is coming to fruition.’ Susanne F Fincher This stage represents the afternoon, the ‘just less than full’ gibbous moon, a rose in full bloom and/or the stage of mid-life where we begin to understand our true Self.   ‘…we realise our place in the world as an individual… Continue reading Stage 9 Crystallization: Reaping Rewards

Wise Woman Within

Stage 8 Functioning Ego: Functioning in the World

Stage 8 of the Great Round Of Mandala is outwardly active with a sense of being energetic, successful, doing, creating and communicating with the world. There is a sense of functioning well as an individual and also in relationships as we take full responsibility for our own lives and step into our own individual consciousness:… Continue reading Stage 8 Functioning Ego: Functioning in the World