Wise Woman Within: Awakening

Dear Kindred Spirit, 

I’ve been on a healing journey this year to have the courage to be more of my authentic self and when I read the poem in this book, Radical Awakening by Dr Shefali, it was as if she was talking to my heart and soul and describing my journey.  

I would love to bring the ideas of this book, Radical Awakening, into a 7 week sacred women’s circle where we can share, meditate, visualise, mindfully move/intuitively dance and create mandalas around the 7 core themes to explore and get to know our habitual ways of suppressing our true selves, our ego, our shadows and to explore our true essence, our authentic selves and how we might courageously grow into our authentic selves.

Leaning into the discomfort of revealing parts of ourselves we don’t want to acknowledge, and certainly don’t want others to see is a crucial part of our healing journey. Unless we stare at ourselves and acknowledge all of our inner parts, we will not enter wholeness. “

“To integrate ourselves means to accept all of who we are- the done and undone, the kind and unkind, the strong and not strong. Wholeness doesn’t mean perfection. It means acceptance – a raw and unabashed acceptance of who we are in any given moment.”

Dr Shefali Radical Awakening

Wise Woman Within: Awakening 7 Week Sacred Women’s Circle

My invitation to you:

Come & play and let loose,

Be free to express what is within you right now.

Discover inner strength and courage while letting down your defences

Be vulnerable, let the real you be seen and heard and deeply supported in a sacred, safe and brave space.

Dive deep into your heart and soul wisdom:

  • To understand your journey,
  • To uncover more of your true self,
  • To let go of layers of conditioning / old stories you no longer need
  • To find within you the beginning of new stories, that are in alignment with your authentic self

Be guided by your deep subconscious, your heart and soul, through meditation, visualisation, mindful movement, intuitive dance and creating mandalas to begin to create new ways of being in the world while releasing old ways of being that no longer serve you.

It’s not about getting to a destination…it is simply just about your unfolding…”

Dr Shefali Radical Awakening

The Seven Themes:

  1. Embracing Fearless Boundaries
  2. Embracing Sovereignty
  3. Embracing Accountability
  4. Embracing Purpose
  5. Embracing Compassion
  6. Embracing the Inner Parent
  7. Embracing Detachment & Emptiness (last two chapters combined)

“Each time we honour our feelings and our inner process we declare self-love.”

Dr Shefali


Thursday nights 7-9pm starting 5th August to 16th September (7 weeks)

At Deep Heart Wisdom Studio (address provided on registration)

Online Option: if we get enough interest then we will have a live online circle too (day and time to be arranged).

We will create an online group where we can share resources and personal experiences and insights between circles.

If a circle doesn’t suit you right now we can also work through these themes in 1:1 counselling.


Please phone Sara 0458231968 or email saraphillipsnsw@gmail.com to have a quick 15 minute phone call to make sure the circle is right for you.


  • $210 (earlybird, register before 1st August for $70 discount)
  • $280 (standard)
  • $185 (concession/financial difficulty)

Donation: $25 per registration to Treesisters https://treesisters.org/

Registration and payment must be made by 4th August to secure your spot in the circle.

I know I’m not alone on this quest for my true self. I’ve talked with thousands of women who want to get out of the fog and live more awakened lives.”

Dr Shefali Radical Awakening

What you will need:

  • Art Journal (art supplies provided but it is always fun to buy some pastel crayons and children’s watercolour set as well as a waterproof black pen)
  • Radical Awakening by Dr Shefali (it is optional whether you read or listen to this book, I’ll be sharing key quotes, but it will deepen your experience of the 7 themes and I would recommend reading at least chapter 1, Soul Erosion, before the circle.
  • Yoga Mat and Cushion

“When we tell our stories and feel witnessed, we experience an integration within ourselves.”

Dr Shefali Radical Awakening

A bit of background:

I have found sacred womens circles so nourishing and deeply supportive and I am really keen to share this one with you if your heart feels called.

I have been facilitating womens circles since 2017 and find them deeply nourishing safe spaces for self-exploration and sharing with other women in a way where your heart and soul feels seen and heard.  In 2019 and this year, 2021, I am facilitating a year long women’s circle where we are exploring the Great Round of Mandala exploring Jungian archetypal stages in the form of meditation, visualisation, mindful movement (and this year, intuitive dance), creating mandalas and deep sharing.  These modalities support us to dive deep and access our subconscious which we are largely unaware of but it is often the background program running our emotional lives. 

In 2020, during Covid lockdown, in meditations, I received a heart calling to co-facilitate a weekly online women’s circle exploring the Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown and we then continued with exploring Chakra Archetypes and the Elements…exploring a circle format that works well in integrating mind, body, heart and spirit using meditation, visualisation, mindful movement, intuitive dance, creating mandalas and deep sharing.

I have found it so rewarding and deeply healing to be a part of these circles, to witness the insights and gentle growth and transformation in myself and in others, and to feel so supported in my journey. 

So I’m curious what does your heart say in response to this invitation? 

When one woman manifests the courage to speak up for herself, like a tidal wave, she clears the path for other women to empower and emancipate themselves. When she begins to live in authenticity, others are emboldened to do the same. The focus shifts from fear f her own well-being to love for all.”

Dr Shefali Radical Awakening

All Mandalas created by Sara 2020-2021 as part of healing art journalling process and

part of the Mandala Magic: Alignment Course Online with Julie Gibbons