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Meditations / Visualisations

Inner Wisdom Meditation

This visualisation is tapping into your own inner wisdom, the part of you that is often drowned out by day to day thoughts/life but that often knows exactly what you need and is able to meet all of you with compassion and acceptance. This visualisation taps into your subconscious (what I call ‘heart, soul & spirit’), the part of you that drives your life but that we are largely unaware of! Remember the more you practice using your imagination to tap into your inner wisdom and to meet your whole self with compassion the easier it gets….it’s like building up the ‘muscle’ (neural pathways) of your brain! Much better to use your power of imagination to imagine beautiful spaces/memories/images that make you feel good than imagining the worst! Enjoy πŸ™‚

Inner Wisdom Meditation: I first heard Jack Kornfield use a version of this meditation in a Sounds True workshop he did with Dan Siegel, but I have also heard Tara Brach, Kristen Neff & Chris Germer use a version of this meditation and I recommend listening to all of their meditations online…it’s important for you to find the voice and style that works for you. This is the version I like best for myself and the people I work with.

Belly, Heart, Hands & Mind Exercise

This visualisation explores your mind-body connection, it is very grounding and balances the different energy centres in your body while helping you to focus in on what is important for you right now. Practicing this exercise (sitting, standing or lying) will support you to use parts of this exercise in your everyday life when you need to centre yourself and when you need to tune in to what is important for you….it’s very calming for your nervous system and also if feeling flat it can be very energising! Let me know what you think! πŸ™‚

Belly, Heart, Hands & Mind Exercise: This is a longer version of a very grounding and energising mind-body mindfulness exercise that I sometimes use at the start of a session with people I work with!


These resources are available for the people I work with to download and use to explore their emotions, thoughts, sensations as they heal and recover.

CBT Model Worksheet (to journal thoughts, feelings, sensations and actions) from Psychology Tools.

Emotion Thermometer

More RESOURCES to follow…