Parent Coaching

There is a time in life when it’s easy to lose yourself. When you’re so busy trying to be a great parent, a loving spouse or a strong single parent, a good friend and family member. When you’re trying to have a healthy body, pay the bills and meet the emotional needs of your children. You’ve got high standards. And you are so, so busy. On top of being a nurturing parent, you want to see your personal goals come to fruition (and enjoy your life, too!). But you feel like there’s no time. Trust me, I’ve been there. And I know there’s a way to love your life during this busy time.

Are you ready to be supported to live a life of your choosing? I’m a mindfulness-based life coach and a parenting coach and my style is based on ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Training) principles, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and solution focussed life-coaching as well as evidence-based positive parenting tools.Most importantly, I’m your coach. Together, we’ll work through whatever your present challenges are and identify your deepest intention. This could be more time, money, fulfilling work or a more positive relationship with your child, spouse or family member. Or something else. Or many things. There are no rules. During the session we will access your innate wisdom and shift your mindset, allowing you to let go of what no longer serves. We’ll create healthy habits and a step-by-step plan for achieving your goals. I will teach you effective simple life skills that help you to accept what you cannot change and commit to changing what you can! We will identify and use strategies you can use when old habits/patterns kick in.

I am your mindful communication coach, teaching you effective communication skills to use at home and at work. I am your relationships coach supporting you to build strong connections with your loved ones and work colleagues. I am your personal development coach supporting you to grow and find the courage to take the next step that your heart is calling you to take! I am your parent coach with real, practical and easy to use parenting strategies and insights into why your child behaves the way s/he does.

Coaching with mindfulness brings about quick, effective and deep change. Be prepared to thrive!

Coaching sessions can be conducted in person at my office, Empirical Health 113 Bridge St in Port Macquarie or on Skype or Facetime. My furthest away client is in Italy. Book now or call me on 0458231968 for a chat about how coaching can boost your resilience and wellbeing as a busy parent. 


‘My session with Sara was an absolute delight. In the space of one hour we had found simple strategies to set boundaries around what is most important to me. What had seemed daunting and impossible before, suddenly became clear and do-able after speaking to Sara. I think the best part of the session was Sara’s presence and skill as a listener. I felt like she really ‘got’ me, and the tools and techniques she taught me are well suited to my life. So uplifting and nurturing! Thanks Sara’. – Geordie, mum of two”I have been feeling and traveling so much lighter, free-er, kinder and gentler since our last session which is such a relief and respite from where I’ve been lately. The hugest insight to me was that I actually have to put what I know into practice if I want to be that future version of myself….it is no longer negotiable if I take a moment to fill my cup or not if I truly want to shine and thrive…..which I do.” Michelle Mum of 4

Benefits of Life Coaching (ICF Survey):

  • • Improved work performance and satisfaction
  • • Improved self-confidence
  • • Improved relationships
  • • Improved communication skills
  • • Improved work/life balance
  • • Improved time management
  • • Attainment of relevant goals
  • • 99% of clients somewhat or very satisfied with overall experience, and 96% would repeat the process 

Find creative and realistic solutions to any issue affecting your:

  • parenting
  • relationships, 
  • career,
  • work-life balance
  • health & well-being 

I will help you with coaching for any parenting or life issue big or small…Cultivate more Mindfulness, Joy & Connection in your life and with your kids through Coaching…

Coaching will inspire and motivate you to:

  • • get the best possible outcome for you & your family as you make quick & effective changes to your parenting
  • • cultivate the healthy habits and patterns you would like in your life…that will be easily adapted as your kids grow and change.
  • • shift into a more positive mindset
  • • bring the values and qualities that are important to you into your parenting
  • • grow your self-confidence to feel the fear and do it anyway
  • • nurture yourself so you can nurture your loved ones
  • • find more joy in life and appreciate the present moment
  • • practice mindfulness skills to handle difficult emotions
  • • connect and communicate with your kids in a way that makes life easier and more enjoyable. 

The parent coaching I offer is unique and effective and is focused on getting the best possible outcome for you and your kids. Each session is a combination of coaching with NLP, Mindfulness and creative problem solving using parenting strategies from Positive Discipline, Bringing Up Great Kids & How To Talk So Kids Will Listen.   Parent Coaching is ideal for finding easy solutions for your parenting. Coaching can easily be done over Skype, phone or in person. 


“I was so deeply glad to have had the session last week to give me some balance and heartfulness to carry me through. Thank you for sharing your amazing insights and skills with me ” Jehni Mum of 2

“I have found the coaching sessions with Sara very helpful and insightful Sara has given me several strategies that have helped me move towards my goals which I would not have implemented without her guidance. Sara is passionate about coaching and it clearly shows in each and every session she conducts. She has an ability to capture the essence of what needs to happen even if I get stuck and she is able to get me on track. I highly recommend Sara to anyone looking for direction in their professional or personal life. Thank you Sara!”Local Business Owner

‘Sara was an excellent coach who helped provide me with the tools to effectively parent my sons. She coached me to actualize my parental skills and to maintain self-care.…I would highly recommend Sara to both friends and family’Mum of two,, via skype, Qatar

I picked up some great stuff from you & have been putting lots into practice…. I keep going back to my doodle sheet to remember things & even sat down w Z yesterday to create & brainstorm a Fun Family Things/Outings/to do jobs list. She loved it! I bought one of those journals – cheers for recommending it. Am looking forward to the hours I’ll spend with it! Writing up my goal & vision will be the first thing I do.I’m really slowing everything down & trying to be mindful to ‘live in the moment’. Think I’ve been living in overdrive for so long. It’s been lovely to give myself permission to ‘just be’ & I’m feeling so much happier for it already. I cannot thank you enough Sara, you have been a real inspiration!’ B (Mum to 3 children)

What is coaching?‘ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspiresthem to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching is a client-driven process. The coach’s responsibility is to:• Discover, clarify and align with what the client wants to achieve• Encourage client self-discovery• Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies• Hold the client responsible and accountableThe coaching process helps clients improve their outlook on work and life, while improving their leadership skills and unlocking their potential’. Watch a short video ‘What is Coaching?’ by the ICF here

 I am an Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. 

How to choose a life coach article from Choice here

I am bound by the ICF Code Of Ethics here

For more info on ACT see here:For more info on NLP see here: 


‘Thanks Sara for your awesome Skype coaching session today. It was great to be able to talk through the issues my daughter is having at school and I am so thankful that we have created a list of achievable actions I can take to help her work through this phase of her life. Thanks again Cilla xx’ Cilla Mum of 2  Perth via skype

“My baby was 11 months old and I was feeling restless and stuck in a mediocre mindframe so I contacted Sara. I knew there was something more I needed to be doing… but what?After my session with Sara, I had a clear vision of where I wanted to be in 1-2 years. I had a list of tasks and actions to break the overall dream down into manageable, bite sixed pieces. Small steps that didn’t freak me out at the enormity, but that were achievable.Its two weeks later and I have the beginning of a new business and have an event in the pipeline. I may not be at the end point to my overall vision, but I am one step closer to it and feeling happy and fulfilled in my life now.I could not have got to this point without Sara’s gentle guidance and steering me toward the path I needed to follow.Thank you Sara.” Clare Mum of 1