Mindful Parenting Workshops

‘Connection before Correction’

Jane Nelson Positive Discipline

Having trouble getting your child to get ready for school in the morning?

Struggling with after school scream-a-thons?

Attempting to connect with your emotionally-distant teen?

Being a parent or educator isn’t easy. Neither is being a child/ teen. Kids are constantly changing and facing new challenges. They need us to help them navigate life with resilience and emotional intelligence. To do that, we require strategies that allow us to treat ourselves and our children with kindness as we set necessary boundaries around behaviour.

My workshops teach parents and educators practical, easy, mindfulness-based strategies to overcome common challenges with kids. ‘When children feel better, they act better and do better!’Jane Nelson, Positive Discipline Each workshop is an opportunity for parents or educators to interact and have a laugh, whilst learning some tried-and-tested tools for encouraging resilience and genuine connection.

I have facilitated a range of workshops for parents & educators including: curriculum-approved Highway Heroes workshops that give educators and parents cutting-edge tools to help kids develop social and emotional skills to grow in resilience and wellbeing. I am also offering my popular Mindful Parenting for 1-5’s and Raising Resilient Kids /Teens workshops. I can tailor workshops to suit your preschool or school community and I offer longer workshops including: Bringing Up Great Kids, How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, Positive Discipline, Baby Signing & Therapeutic Parenting. I have facilitated Bringing Up Great Kids Workshops for Brighter Futures, Mission Australia and McKosker House in Port Macquarie.

To cater for busy parents & educators I am putting more and more workshops online for you to work through at your own pace in your own time; including Understanding your emotions & your child’s emotions- more info here My workshops are based around strategies from evidence-based programs like Positive Discipline, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Bringing Up Great Kids, drawing upon the latest neuroscience and parenting research. Best of all, I have used all the tools I teach with my own four children – and believe me, they work!

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Connection Before Correction

Workshops Available:

  • Take ACTion with Anxiety
  • Highway Heroes Social & Emotional Well-being program
  • Mindful Parenting: survive the 1-5’s and thrive
  • Thriving At School
  • Raising Resilient Kids / Teens
  • Positive Parenting: Managing Challenging Behaviour

The following workshops can also be arranged for your school/preschool or organisation for staff and/or parents: • Bringing Up Great Kids • Positive Discipline • How To Talk So Kids Will Listen Other workshops available on request:

  • Baby Signing
  • Therapeutic Parenting (For Adoptive Parents & Foster Carers)
  • 123 Magic & Emotion Coaching
  • Mindfulness For Parents & Kids
  • Mindfulness At Work
  • Mindfulness In The Classroom
  • Mindfulness Mini-Retreat
  • Gratitude Mandalas

“I had the pleasure of attending one of Sara’s Mindfulness Mini-Retreats in April. It was a lovely mix of mindful activities, meditation and time for self-reflection and self-care. Sara’s gentle and natural approach puts you immediately at ease, and she provides practical ways in which you can incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.  She helps you to realise that taking time for self-care actually benefits not just you, but also those around you. The Mini-Retreat is a beautiful gift to give yourself as it is the gift that keeps on giving”.     Trisha Mitchell 

Online courses are available here

Organise a workshop similar to these for your school or organisation, or let us help you adapt one to suit your school’s needs by contacting Sara today. With Sara’s experience as a Speech Pathologist she has easily tailored workshops and 1:1 coaching for parents with children who have developmental delay, ASD, or other additional needs. Email saraphillipsnsw@gmail.com if you would like more info.

Children do better when they feel better


‘Hi Sara, Thank you so much for the workshop – very enlightening and inspiring. I really enjoyed it and have already downloaded the cards on my phone. I’m looking forward to running through the slides with my husband so we’re both on the same page. Your advice has already made a difference in a few situations and I feel a lot calmer and in control. Many thanks,’ Michelle Newman Positive Discipline Workshop

‘Wow! Awesome. Thank you so much Sara! It was great meeting you last week. I really enjoyed the course and looked at X with different eyes when I picked him up from childcare that day. For the first time he didn’t run up to me and want to leave. Instead, it took 40mins of playing with paper and leading me around before he finally fell into my arms. If I hadn’t done the course I would’ve literally picked him up after 10mins of waiting and left with him protesting all the way home. …I feel like I am using your techniques in the classroom too. Staying centred and chilled out. Woah! What a relief. It’s not all about me! Thanks again.’ Mum & Teacher Bringing Up Great Kids Workshop, Kempsey

‘The sessions and workshops with Sara … was one of the most practical, useful and relevant trainings I have undertaken. Not only do I think it is something I will use with my family and children, day-to-day, but more importantly it will be something that I can use with families I work with, in supporting positive parenting approaches. I found it extremely adaptable, pitched at a perfect level and really, really practical. Thank you Sara.” Caseworker & Mum of 5 children, Alice Springs, 2012

‘I found all the info & brainstorming in the BUGK workshops to be invaluable. I honestly believe a course like this should be made mandatory for anyone that has children. Thank you for helping to instil confidence back into myself & therefore into my role as a parent. Take care, Belinda 😊’ Mum of 3, Bringing Up Great Kids, Port Macquarie NSW