Hello, my name is Sara and I hope to meet you soon.

I authentically and genuinely support people to heal, grow and enjoy life more with courage, compassion & connection.

I work with you to deepen your connection:

  • within your Self (mind, body, heart, soul & spirit)
  • within your relationships
  • within your world

As a Counsellor & Coach I can offer you the following support:

Please contact me, on 0458231968 or saraphillipsnsw@gmail.com to book in for a free 15 minute phone call for more information or to ask any questions.


I am passionate about empowering all people from all stages of life to have enhanced health and wellbeing, to be able to regulate emotions, be flexible in your thinking and to live a life of meaning and purpose through counselling/coaching.    

I am dedicated to providing high quality solution-focused counselling / coaching to individuals, families, children and couples as well as facilitating workshops, groups, online programs & women’s circles.

We long to discover the secrets and mysteries of our individual lives to find out unique way of belonging to this world….to recover the treasure we were born to bring to our communities….to experience our oneness with the Universe.”

Bill Plotkin- Soulcraft

I aim to understand my journey and the next right step I need to take, and to support you in your journey and to find the next right step you need to take. I use the understanding of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model (read more here) to support you to work with your parts and increasing your ability to access your Self-energy of curiousity, compassion, connection, courage, calm, clarity, confidence and creativity.

The Four Basic Goals of IFS

1. Liberate parts from the roles they’ve been forced into, so they can be who they’re designed to be.

2. Restore trust in the Self and Self-Leadership.

3. Reharmonize the inner system.

4. Become more self-led in your interactions with the world.

No Bad Parts by Richard Schwartz

I feel called to support myself and others to explore and understand:

  • the inner and outer landscape on this journey of being human here on Earth,
  • how our human nature and the nature on earth are interconnected,
  • how we can move from the old survival dance of life to the sacred dance of life
  • how we can learn from and heal in nature to come home to our Wise Self (essence, soul, spirit) with the qualities of curiousity, compassion, courage, creativity, connection, calm, clarity and confidence.
  • How we can cultivate these ‘C’ qualities above within our Wise Self to heal ourselves, heal others and heal Earth.

the goal of life is to match your heartbeat with the beat of the Universe, to match your nature with nature.”

Joseph Campbell

Please read more about my background/experience/journey here. And my mission here.

Emotional agility is a process that allows you to be in the moment, changing or maintaining your behaviours so that you can live in ways that align with your intentions and values. The process isn’t about ignoring difficult emotions and thoughts. It’s about holding those emotions and thoughts loosely, facing them courageously and compassionately, and then moving past them to make big things happen in your life.

Susan David emotions researcher and author of Emotional Agility.
The Safe & Healing Space 1 at
Deep Heart Wisdom Studio

Counselling & Coaching for your Self

& for your Loved Ones

At Deep Heart Wisdom counselling and coaching we support you to access your own inner heart and body wisdom / intuition, as well as share with you, ancient wisdom practices from cultures across the world and the latest neuroscience research on your mind-body connection, to improve your personal growth/well-being as well as your relationships and the well-being of your loved ones.

We aim to empower you to know more about your own mind-body connection and to know what you can do for yourself and your loved ones to feel better, to bounce back with resilience, to courageously navigate transitions in life and to find deep meaning and purpose in life while finding joy in life again.

“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”

― Brene Brown

Front Entrance of Deep Heart Wisdom Studio and nature outlook as you experience coaching/counselling

Innocently immersing yourself in nature, you will discover in time that nature reflects your soul…”

Bill Plotkin SoulCraft

We offer you the following support:

For Yourself:

  • Deepen your connection to your Self, Others & Mother Earth on a journey of self-discovery & transformation.
  • Be in a safe and sacred space for your heart & soul to express your needs, reset your inner compass, focus in on what is important to you and live your most authentic and empowered life.
  • Fulfil a deep need to refill your heart, be deeply heard and listened to, to let go of any burdens you are carrying and be welcomed as you are.
  • Leave feeling lighter, renewed, deeply supported and feeling tuned in to your inner wisdom/ intuition/ subconscious: knowing your inner truth and heart intentions
  • Heal your body, mind, heart, soul & spirit
  • Improve your relationships, communication and conflict resolution skills with your loved ones

For your loved ones:

  • Improve your connection and communication in your love relationship with couples counselling
  • Support your children/teens to manage anxiety or other strong feelings
  • Improve your connection and communication with your children/teens with parent/family counselling
  • Feel comfortable in communicating your needs and feelings, listen deeply to your loved one’s feelings & needs to resolve conflicts with win:win solutions.
  • Manage anxiety and other strong emotions in family relationships

“Researchers have found that even more than IQ, your emotional awareness and ability to handle feelings will determine your success and happiness in all walks of life, including family relationships.”

― John M. Gottman

Find out more about what we offer:

Please contact me, Sara, on 0458231968 or saraphillipsnsw@gmail.com to book in for a free 15 minute phone consultation for further information.

With support and deep listening, Life’s challenges can provide an opportunity for increased self awareness, growth and a chance to:

  • Journey inward to your Authentic Self and Authentic Relationships.
  • Learn Ancient & New Wisdom to ease your way.
  • Manage the anxiety and stress of living in this modern world.
  • Rediscover Courageous Joy and go through a process of Courageous Healing.
  • Discover Deep Self, Relationship & Earth Wisdom.
  • Tune in to your Divine Heart/Body Guidance.
  • Deepen your connection to yourself, others and the world around you.
The Safe & Healing Space 2 at
Deep Heart Wisdom Studio

Inner Resources:

Some of the inner resources you may choose to focus on growing in counselling/coaching are:

  • courage,
  • compassion,
  • deep connection,
  • acceptance,
  • authentic purpose,
  • deep inner well-being,
  • healthy balance,
  • self-care,
  • spirituality
  • inner wisdom
  • intuition.

“Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.”

― Brene Brown

Hope to hear from you soon,

Sara 🙂

If you would like to join our FREE Mindfulness & Self-Compassion practice group where we share personal reflections and resources please go to here: www.facebook.com/groups/mindfulnessandselfcompassionpractice/

NEW LOCATION: 1/21 Short St Port Macquarie (Tuesdays) & 5C/23 Clarence St Port Macquarie (Wed & Thursdays)

We can grow and flourish even in tough environments with the right tools and strategies!
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‘Firstly, your space felt beautiful … so sacred and healing. I loved listening to your introduction and all of your lead-ins to the meditations, warm-up, and dances. You feel like such a natural Facilitator. I could really feel your energy as you guided the group, and I could also feel how present you were for everyone there. I really loved your comment “thank you mind, I’m here for my soul” – wonderful! Overall, I could feel how much you have embodied Chakradance and the training’. Natalie Southgate

Natalie Southgate

Hello Sara!!
A huge thank you for your expert presentation last week at St Peters – you were wonderful!  So many parents have come back to me to say they got so much out of the session and to tell me how great you were – so take a well deserved bow Ms Phillips! 
It really was a tremendous night, so interactive and lots of fun.  I’ve had alot of parents who couldn’t come asking for notes or handouts as word has whizzed around about what a good night it was – is it possible to get a copy or a summary about resilience that I could add to our newsletter?  I will ensure it is accompanied by some good marketing for you too and will remind everyone that there is another session in May.
Again, my warmest thanks Sara, you are definitely made for this sort of work; your passion and enthusiasm came across so well and were so infectious.  I was just delighted with the evening and your patience in speaking with everyone afterwards was so lovely to see (especially when you must have been exhausted at that stage and all hot and bothered!).  Thank you!

Maria Doherty Human Resource Officer St Agnes Parish