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Deep Parts Wisdom Workshop

What if we can explore and access more of the guideposts to Wholehearted Living by getting to know our protective parts that get in the way of compassion, curiousity, connection, creativity, courage and compassion? Here is an IFS-informed experiential exploration of the Wholehearted Living Guideposts in Brene Brown's Gifts of Imperfection Book (10th Anniversary Edition).

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A part of me feels sad and yet a part of me feels relief…What is IFS talking about when we talk of parts?

Have you ever felt really calm and zen after an early morning swim, walk or meditation yet a family member says or does that one thing and you feel overtaken with irritation/rage/worry/fear or despair as if you were a completely different person than who you were 5 minutes ago? I have, daily!! Read more to understand how Internal Family Systems describes this process that we all experience.

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Rediscovering your creative (& spiritual) self

The Artist Way Journey. My well loved, well thumbed, well highlighted and post-it noted 1993 edition of The Artist Way by Julia Cameron I first completed the Artist Way by Julia Cameron in a small group of wise women in 2015 and it truly transformed my life! I had dabbled in being creative since school… Continue reading Rediscovering your creative (& spiritual) self