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The healing benefits of nature…

Innocently immersing yourself in nature, you will discover in time that nature reflects your soul..."Bill Plotkin SoulCraft Wise Woman Within Retreat February 2022 in touch with nature, heart and soul! Healing Benefits of Nature: The healing benefits of nature are now being well researched and research findings are that "time in nature — as long… Continue reading The healing benefits of nature…

Counselling, life coaching, Mindfulness, Mindfulness & Life Coaching, Wise Woman Within

Reconnect to Soul Nature Coaching

More recently the term 'forest bathing' has been used and there is lots of neuroscience research to show the benefits of being in a beautiful forest or by a beautiful body of water as we calm our body's nervous system and as we find our surrounds 'softly fascinating'....We cannot help but become more mindful, more present and in turn we return to our body's safe rest and digest mode.... Often we find ourselves in a state of flow...returning to being aware of our heart and soul as our ego mind's thoughts slow down and become more neutral, more realistic, more positive...

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Writing to Heal

Journaling to process emotions, change thinking/mindset/perspective and discover your deepest heart and soul longings/yearnings.

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Wise Woman Within Circle: The Inner Journey 2021-22

For your personal invitation to the Wise Woman Within Circle: The Inner Journey please see here. To read more about the deep concepts that will be part of this Inner Journey please read on. I'm in awe of the synchronicity of the Universe...I love how sometimes when you follow your curiousity (as Liz Gilbert recommends)… Continue reading Wise Woman Within Circle: The Inner Journey 2021-22

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Courageous Joy

Through Intuitive Dance, Meditation & Mandalas: Discover your heart & soul intentions for the New Year. This self-exploration workshop is an invitation from my heart to yours to explore and experiment, to make sense of what is in our hearts and bodies, to move freely and intuitively, to express our deepest and truest selves through… Continue reading Courageous Joy

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Stage 9 Crystallization: Reaping Rewards

‘Stage 9 is a time when creative energy is coming to fruition.’ Susanne F Fincher This stage represents the afternoon, the ‘just less than full’ gibbous moon, a rose in full bloom and/or the stage of mid-life where we begin to understand our true Self.   ‘…we realise our place in the world as an individual… Continue reading Stage 9 Crystallization: Reaping Rewards