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Best Podcasts /Reading for 2022

For A Bit Of Holiday Listening, Reading & Learning!

I would love to write in more depth about each of these topics below – so juicy! But for now if you are looking to dive in for some deeper listening or reading over teh summer break this is what I recommend 🙂 I’m always looking for new podcasts and books to read so please share if I have missed anything out that you think should be on this list!

A Real Life Description of Being in Therapy written by a Therapist

Maybe you should talk to someone book by Lori Gottlieb

Self Worth / Perfectionistic Thinking

Rejection Sensitivity:

The Inner Critic:


The Cost of Perfectionsism with jennifer Kemp on Pause Purpose Play with Michaela Thomas AND I highly recommend Jennifer Kemp’s workbook for Perfectionism:

Perfectionism and generational trauma with Zoe Blakesly on Pause Purpose Play with Michaela Thomas:

The difference between mastery & success with Brene Brown and Sarah Lewis:

Deep Personal Healing & Growth

Belonging by Toko-Pa Turner

Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin

Self Compassion

I highly recommend the resources, mindful practices and courses run by Kristin Neff & Chris Germer

Brene Brown talking to Chris Germer about Compassion


The Gottmans talking about their latest book the Love Prescription (also on spotify) part 1 and 2:

How our two needs for attachment/security and authenticity guide our development and what happens when these needs are not met:

The Importance of Connection with Johann Hari on The Imperfects:

Sexuality / Libido

Esther Perel on Desire in long term relationships & her great book Mating In Captivity:

The secret to desire in a long term relationship (Esther Perel’s TED Talk):

Come As You Are Podcast & Book with Emily Nagoski

The Sex Ed You Never Had book by Chantelle Otten


Lael Stone on The Imperfects talking about Emotion Coaching:


Nora McInerny on a Slight Change of Plans with Maya Shankar:

Julia Samuel on a Slight Change of Plans with Maya Shankar:

Option B by Sharon Sandberg

Attention / Screen Use / Addiction

Johann Hari has 3 podcasts on this topic on The Imperfects:

Johann Hari’s Book Stolen Focus


Concussion Doc Website & Podcast