Conflicting desires for our children…and being mindful of them…

Following on from my last blog I’ve been thinking a lot about the conflicting desires we have for our children… I was particularly fascinated with a comment made on the ‘Life at 9’ series on ABC iview about the fact that we want our children to be persistent… But we also want our children to be flexible, too much of one and too little of the other is not healthy. Too true! As an adult I am still uncertain when to persist and when to let go or try another angle!

So what are some other conflicting desires for our children? Here’s some I can think of…
Independence vs keeping them safe & protected
Socialising and achieving in the outside world vs having quiet time at home/ with the family
Learning to deal with conflict, work as a team and negotiate vs peace and no fights at home, ever!
Protecting our kids from disappointment and the realities of life vs learning how to deal with strong emotions and growing resilience
Exposing our kids to many different activities, especially those we like! vs allowing them to follow their own passions / talents
Wanting our kids to be confident in all settings vs allowing them to be introverted / shy / nervous
Wanting kids to develop their own sense of self vs wanting them to do it our way/ follow our rules!!

Mmm I’m sure there are many others… No wonder this parenting game can feel like challenging tightrope walking!

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