Conflicting Desires….being mindful of them…


It just feels as though my life is filled with conflicting desires at the moment, here’s just a few…

to be around others (Intimacy) vs to be on my own (solitude)

to encourage my child’s independence vs to keep my child safe /protected

to be employed vs to not be employed

to rest vs to exercise

to be in a familiar routine vs to be adventurous & embrace change

to be busy & productive vs to just BE in the moment

I’m starting to realise this is just what life is filled with….conflicting desires, and it’s not about picking one over the other or deciding which one will be more accepted in our society….but more about being mindful of the pull and tug of each desire and to find a sense of well-being within….to allow for constant change in what’s going on in your life but to find the calm underneath….at least sometimes!  Just the other day there was a raging storm here, it was hard to stand up in the wind and the surface of the ocean was ferocious but there were dolphins peacefully diving down to the calm below….I hope to hold this image in my mind as I feel tossed around on the sea of life….hopefully I can dive down to the calm every now and again!

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