Whole even if not perfect

I love this quote, thank you Mindfulbalance, a good reminder that to be whole we need to embrace our imperfections and our mistakes, and we need to see and embrace the whole of our loved ones! And of our beautifully sometimes messy lives! I’m really enjoying reading ‘ Chicken Soup For The Soul’ for the same reason, lots of inspiring, wholesome and very human stories, that often brings a tear to my eye! 🙂


File:Contemporary wabi-sabi tea bowl.jpg

[Thomas] Merton taught me the importance of looking at life not merely in terms of either-or,  but also in terms of both-and. Paradoxical thinking is key to creativity, which comes from the capacity to entertain apparently contradictory ideas in a way that stretches the mind and opens the heart to something new. Paradox is also a way of being that’s key to wholeness, which does not mean perfection: it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of life…..To be whole I have to be able to say I am both shadow and light.

Parker Palmer, A Friendship, A Love, A Rescue

photo wabi-sabi tea bowl by ottmarliebert

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