Aimlessness…the art of doing nothing, of just being

Mindfully Doing Nothing…
Mmm this is a potent reminder for me this week as my kids are on school holidays and I’m attempting to work less and hang out with them….yet it is tricky to let go of the to do lists, the rushing adn the hustling… Julia Cameron from the Artist Way talks about allowing yourself to just sit for 15 minutes doing nothing….and from there your creativity will spring! Remember as a kid lying in the grass and looking up at the shapes in the clouds? Or getting really bored and from there came the next idea, the next project… It is sooo fulfilling to just be – without agenda or schedules…. So what will you allow for yourself this week – in terms of doing nothing or as Thich Nhat Han says – in being aimless. Here is a blog I wrote awhile ago about this…and today I feel like having a picnic in the sun aimlessly


humpback whale 2

I was so fortunate recently to have a day travelling by ferry to Moreton Island, QLD with a good friend and the day held NO schedule or agenda.  Slowly I began to unwind with the ferry ride, the snorkelling, the fish for lunch, the walk along the beach and then as I floated in the tropical calm water I realised I’d finally reached that state of just ‘being’, no thoughts of the past or of what was yet to happen in the future, just a state of peace and pleasure with the present moment….and I couldn’t remember the last time I had allowed myself a day of just ‘being’!  As I returned home to school age kids and scheduled chaos I felt very disheartened to be entering the world of doing and not being….

Luckily I had Peace Is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh by my bed and he dedicates…

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