Wise Woman Within Circles

A Wise Woman Within Journey in 2019

In this sacred women’s circle we aim for ourselves and for you to:

  • Deepen your connection to your Self, Others & Mother Earth on a journey of self-discovery & transformation.  
  • Be in a safe and sacred feminine space for your heart & soul to express your needs, reset your inner compass, focus in on what is important to you and live your most authentic and empowered life.
  • Fulfil a deep need to refill your heart, be deeply heard and listened to, to let go of any burdens you are carrying and be welcomed as you are.
  • Leave each month feeling lighter, renewed, deeply supported and feeling tuned in to your inner wisdom/ intuition/ subconscious: knowing your inner truth and heart intentions for the next month.
  • Step out of your role as Mum/Partner/Daughter and into the essence of the archetypal wise woman within you to find a sense of balance and deep inner well-being.

Each month will be organic and flow intuitively and will most likely involve mediations/visualisations, silence, deep sharing and a creative experiential mandala to tap into your inner truth and soul path.

Some of the inner resources we will be focussing on growing within ourselves are: courage, compassion, deep connection, acceptance, authentic purpose, deep inner wellbeing, healthy balance, self-care, spirituality and inner wisdom/intuition.

We will be exploring the 12 archetypal stages in the Great Round Of Mandala from The Mandala Workbook: A creative guide for Self-Exploration, Balance & Well-being by Susan Fincher as a guide to accepting the whole of life as it is, integrating our whole Self and opening to the Divine Mystery.  This process of creating mandalas is deeply personal and experiential with the focus being on the process and not on the finished piece…it is a creative process for everyone, no matter what your previous experience is with journaling or creating art. No artistic skills required!

‘The Great Round of Mandala is grounded in ancient ideas of life as a spiralling journey toward greater wisdom and wholeness.  All your experiences can be viewed as meaningfully placed on a cycle… as you more and more fulfil your potential for wholeness….We have the opportunity to rework and realign past experience in light of the present and to weave the past and present into an harmonious pattern that opens up new possibilities for the future.’

Personal Reflection Mandalas by Claudia


4th Monday of each month Outdoors or @ Silvana Bliss Studios (Please note: except February & November & an optional retreat in June where we will meet on a Sunday morning):

  • February: Stage 1&2 –Sunday 24th  –  4 hours –  8-12noon.    Where: TBA
  • March: Stage 3 – Monday 25th  – 7-9pm
  • April: Stage 4 – Monday 29th (5th Monday) – 7-9pm
  • May: Stage 5 – Monday 27th  – 7-9pm
  • June: Stage 6 – Monday 24th  – 7-9pm
  • Silent Walking Retreat: Sunday 30th June 8-11am (1/2 way review) Where: TBA
  • July: Stage 7 – Monday 22nd   – 7-9pm
  • August: Stage 8 – Monday 26th  – 7-9pm
  • September: Stage 9 – Monday 23rd  – 7-9pm
  • October: Stage 10 – Monday 28th – 7-9pm
  • November: Stage 11&12 – Sunday 24th  – 4 hours 8-12 noon Where: TBA

Each month includes: the sacred women’s circle, and access to an online circle where we will share resources, meditations and where you can stay in touch and share how your month is going with our circle’s kindred spirits.

Facilitators: Claudia Richardson & Sara Phillips

Both Claudia and Sara have studied the Great Round of Mandala and found it enriching and enlightening as a journey of self-discovery and insights into what is most alive and important right now. Sara & Claudia practice and teach mindfulness and love being creative. We can’t wait to share this journey with you…

If this invitation for a year-long journey to the wise woman within speaks to your heart & soul please register here: saraphillipsnsw@gmail.com

For questions and more info: Call Sara on 0458231968 or Claudia on 0447235575

Mandalas both express and move us along our growth process toward wholeness. They facilitate communication between conscious and unconscious and support our ego as we discover our connection to Self, our true centre. ‘

Personal Reflection Mandalas by Sara

Cost: $36 per month for 10 months (paid per month through PayPal)

Sign up before 21st Feb and join for $30 per month…

($5 per month is donated to Treesisters https://www.treesisters.org/
$25 covers resources, materials, venue, facilitator fee )

Please register and pay by: 21st February to secure your place. 

$300 paid up front and receive a free Self-Compassion or Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway book (valued at $30)


10 month subscription, Usually $36.00 per month
Reduced to $30 per month if you sign up by 21st Feb.
You will be invoiced each month.

Email saraphillipsnsw@gmail.com to register and arrange a bank transfer.

Numbers are limited and our circle will be closed to newcomers after 25th March.

If you can’t afford the monthly fee let us know and we will do our best to make this circle affordable for you….

We hope that this circle speaks deeply to your heart & soul: if the process doesn’t suit you after the first circle full refund supplied.

What you need:

  • An A4 or bigger art journal (recommended).
  • All art materials supplied but feel free to bring your favourites.  
  • The Mandala Workbook by Susanne Fincher (optional – but a great resource!!)

Some of what we do each circle will be posted in our online circle so it is easy to catch up for any month you may have missed.

This series of monthly sacred circles will help you to:

  • tune into your inner heart wisdom,
  • set a direction in your life,
  • cultivate those qualities and values you would like more of in your life
  • be in a supportive community of women with mindfulness, deep nurturing, creativity & spirit.

Each month we will meet in a circle of women to:

  • centre ourselves in mindfulness and reflect on what is most alive for us right now
  • celebrate what we have enjoyed & what we are grateful for that month
  • share what we are ready to let go or no longer have in our life
  • tune into our inner compass from deep within our heart and set our deep inner intentions
  • create a mandala that reflects what is most alive for us right now, our inner wisdom and our deepest intentions for the next month
  • learn different mandala techniques

We hope you can join our sacred circle of self-discovery, deep connection, inner wisdom, balance & well-being x