Wise Woman Within Circles

A Wise Woman Within Journey 2020

Just last week I had a strong calling to ‘gather the women‘ in this strange and uncertain time and to ask for heart and spirit-led women to join me (read about the calling and your personal invitation to join our circle here)

Gather the women, light a candle and they will come

to receive love, spirit and healing.”


This healing circle online will be simple, messy and imperfect and that’s totally OK. It’s an invitation to come as you are, to bring all of you and all of your emotions…

It is a chance to step out of our messy and imperfect busy lives and roles as Mums/Partners/Daughter etc and step into a sacred heart and spirit space for a short time each week.  It’s a scared space to feel a sense of true belonging…

For the first 30 minutes we will have a card reading/poem/reflection, meditation and begin a creative processing mandala exercise (simple, no complicated art materials needed).

This will be recorded so we can access it anytime during our busy week.

Then we’ll have 30 minutes of sharing online, while we are still creating, where we share online how our hearts and spirits are going this week and how the card reading/poem/reflection, meditation and creative processing exercise spoke to our hearts and spirits. 

Each woman who is part of the circle will be invited to share a reading/poem/reflection or meditation / creative exercise when it feels right to them so the circle is truly collaborative and community-driven. 

This is a way for all the women involved in the circle to tune into and share from their heart and spirit, to give and receive in this uncertain time, to build their heart and spirit skills as well as gather their strength, and nurture themselves deeply to be able to handle whatever comes next.

It feels so essential that we use this important time, right here, right now, to do deep inner work to decide what really matters, to decide what we pick up and bring into our newly redesigned lives and what we let go and leave behind….not only for us and our families but also for the world…

‘Bless the largeness in me even when I fear it, let me be a voice in the world’


Are you keen? Does it speak to you?

Our first round of Wise Woman Within Circle in 2020 will focus on Brene Brown’s writings on Courage, Connection & Compassion; Love, Belonging and Being Enough as gentle reminders to our hearts and souls about what truly matters in this life.  This will be a loose guide, as we will be guided by intuition and what feels most soul-nurturing each week.

Poster from Leonie Dawson available here

Each week will be based on Brene’s Guideposts to Wholehearted Living:

  1. Authenticity,
  2. Self-Compassion,
  3. Resilience,
  4. Gratitude & Joy and Laughter, Song & Dance
  5. Intuition & Faith,
  6. Creativity and Play & Rest,
  7. Calm & Stillness,
  8. Meaningful Work

Based on Brene’s book: Gifts of Imperfection (available online and at most bookshops – a great read but not necessary for the circle).

We will ask for an online donation of $5 or $10 each week to Treesisters but not necessary if you can’t afford it. 

When: Thursday evening: 7:30pm NSW/ 5:30pm WA time

Starts 14th May and finishes 2nd July 2020, for 8 weeks in Term 2.

We’ll have school holidays off but our Wise Woman Within circle will begin again each school term with a different theme/focus.

Register your interest here: saraphillipsnsw@gmail.com

I would love you to join me and be part of this but also totally Ok if it doesn’t speak to you right now… 

Hope we get to catch up soon,

Sending big hugs, Sara  xoxo

Circle of Life & Growth, by Sara 2020
Inspired by Mindful Art Studio Class