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Wise Woman Within: The Inner Journey 2021-22

Please note: Our next Wise Woman Within Journey begins March 2022-February 2023

ENQUIRIES: saraphillipsnsw@gmail.com

Invitation for our Circle as a Medicine Wheel
Sara 2021

Dear Kindred Spirits,

We wish to invite you on a heart and soul journey through 12 moon cycles: an inner journey to reflect on and celebrate all that you are and to move deeper into exploring all that it is possible for you to be.

This initiation journey will explore the wheel of life (the Great Round – read more here) and allow you to release ego thoughts, beliefs and rules that no longer serve you and step into living more from your true authentic Self, your heart and soul, your Divine essence.

We will create a sacred container, a sacred circle, to hold and support the changes that happen at midlife; allowing and birthing the transition from Mother to Crone. Our journey will culminate in a Croning Ceremony (read more here) for all who feel ready to step into this next stage of life.

“When the inner balance between who you think you are and who you really are shifts, you go through something like an initiation experience as you find your new equilibrium.”

Susanne F Fincher Menopause: the Healing Journey
The Great Round symbolised by the cycles of the moon & seasons – Sara 2021

In our sacred circle you will have permission to express all that you are; your shadow and light, your joy and fear, your humanity and your Divine essential nature, your inner child and the Divine Feminine through meditation, creative visualisations and processing, journalling, mandalas, rituals, intuitive movement/dance and deep sharing.

Between our monthly circles we will explore daily/weekly practices and rituals (see below) to support our gentle growth from ego to authentic Self, from fear to Love, from Mother to Crone.

“..the loving old crone was a part of me,… She was the quiet centre of myself that I would spend a lifetime knowing on deeper levels…. I knew that my offerings as a healer would flow from my connection to that ancient feminine wisdom within.” 

Susanne F Fincher: Menopause: the Healing Journey
Sacred Creative Circle

“As I burned I imagined a presence of feminine wisdom whirling around me, searing away the first half of my life and revealing the strong proud Crone underneath.”

Susanne F Fincher Menopause: the Healing Journey

Reflection Questions for our Journey:

  • What if we could truly celebrate moving into midlife and becoming a Crone / Wise Woman?
  • What if we could be fully supported in a sacred women’s circle as we transition through the body, heart, soul, spirit and mind changes that occur in perimenopause and menopause?
  • What if we created space to deeply explore and process the letting go of grief, fears and old narratives while we open up to receiving Divine heart wisdom and insights and return to our lives feeling stronger, wiser, kinder, more compassionate, more grounded and connected to ourselves, others and Mother Earth?
  • What if we opened up space in our lives to be loved, held and supported through one of life’s major transitions?
  • What if we could love, hold, and support ourselves enough that we could honour this transition and dive deep into our heart and soul space to allow all the letting go and all the healing we need?
  • What if we could support our healing through mandalas, meditation, journaling, visualisations, dance and sitting in sacred space with a circle of kindred women?
  • What if we could let our deepest heart and soul receive and speak?

Jewels in the Dark – Sara 2021 (from Mandala Magic: Alignment)

“The changes at menopause impact a woman’s sense of who she is, what she does and what is valuable about her as a person. The inner turmoil and unpredictable body changes of this period can seem like an entrance into dark, unknown places betwixt and between.”

“A woman must descend into the dark, chaotic unknown within herself in order to discover that beneath all of the upset she is cradled in the arms of the…goddess who weaves the web of life. Touching this mystery at the centre of herself, a woman is initiated into her new way of being.”

Susanne F Fincher Menopause: the Healing Journey

This journey is for you if your heart feels the call, if these reflection questions resonate, if you are curious, if you are ready to begin or continue this transition to Crone in the middle of your life, if you are prepared to dive deep and gift yourself healing time and sacred space for yourself this year, (daily, weekly and monthly) in our sacred circle.

Creating a sacred creative space 2021

Key Resources for our Journey:

  • The Mandala Workbook: A creative guide for self-exploration, balance & well-being by Susanne F. Fincher
  • The Artists Way: A course in Discovering and Recovering your Creative Self  by Julia Cameron
  • Menopause The Inner Journey: A positive approach to transformation at midlife-through rituals, dreamwork and creativity by Susanne F. Fincher

Daily & Weekly Practices:

As this is a deep healing dive into your heart and soul we will be exploring how to deepen daily practices and rituals in our lives to support our healing; these may include stream of consciousness journaling, creative processing, meditation, visualisations, affirmations, intuitive movement / dance, and prayer. 

We recognise the difficulties in finding time for these practices yet in this 12 moon cycle we give ourselves permission to play and experiment on how best to give ourselves heart and soul space each day, knowing that even 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference for our healing and transformation.

We will also commit to 2 deep healing practices from the Artist Way (read more here) per week; a mindful walk and a date with your inner child!

We are held, loved and supported – Sara 2021


We will meet in circle, online the 2nd Monday night of each month, 7:30-9:30pm AEST time, starting 15th March 2021 and ending in February 2022.

Please note: Our next Wise Woman Within Journey begins March 2022-February 2023

ENQUIRIES: saraphillipsnsw@gmail.com

We wish to invite you to join us at our halfway point: BLISS, Monday 9th August, 7:30pm.

This is the perfect time for us to welcome in new people as we are at the stage of our journey of new beginnings, new shoots, a wakening and a rising of energy. You will have access to our members page so you can access all of our meditations, movement prompts and creative activities since March 2021 to catch up.

If your heart feels called to join, please do so by texting Sara 0458231968 or email saraphillipsnsw@gmail.com The fee will be $120 donation to Cantoo (Cancer Research). We have already raised $960 for Cantoo this year. (Please note: this invitation to join our circle is only open until the 9th August and then we will journey together until March 2022 as a sacred and safe circle).

We will begin our initiation journey with the Call, (Crystallisation, Gates of Death, Fragmentation) then move into Below, (Transcendent Ecstasy, Void, Bliss) then Ascent (Labyrinth, Beginning, Target) then New Order (Dragon Fight, Square the Circle and Functioning Ego).

All activities we do online in our monthly sacred circle (meditations, creative processing etc) will be recorded and available online (in our members page) to do in your own time if you can’t join us in the live online circle.  We will also all be able to share online our insights, our deep process and any heart and soul resources we find useful throughout each moon cycle in our online forum.

Having journeyed  with Sara for a number of years now in her online circle format, I can sooooo recommend her spaces that always allow and guide me back to myself and the wisdom that resides within me. Sara holds a grounded wisdom and deep humility and a strong intention to empower rather than take power. As someone who had to learn through numerous experiences of giving power away to others I can truly say that Sara creates a space within the circle where we all sit beside each other, a circle where every experience and perspective is valuable and welcomed and no one is less than or more than. A place to remember that you belong as your unique self perfectly imperfect. A place where you can digest Your unique experiences both challenging and joyful in a way that can provide a compass to living a life in connection with soul and heart. It is from this place that we hold a compass to walk our own unique path with respect and kindness and courage. Thankyou Sara your spaces have  been foundational in finding my way back home to the deep heart wisdom within me . 

Louise Kissane 9th July 2021
We are all interconnected – Sara 2021

Payment by Donation:

$240-480 (equivalent to $20-40 per circle).

This is a Sliding Scale Donation depending on what you can afford.   Payment plans are available ($120 in March and $120 in April 2021).  Payment needs to be received before the first circle to confirm your place. Numbers are limited to ensure we have a small intimate circle. 

All of your donation goes to Can Too to raise money for Cancer Research.  In the last year I have had too many friends diagnosed with cancer so I deeply want to contribute to support cancer research. 

Donate here: https://www.cantoo.org.au/fundraisers/saraphillips A tax deductible receipt from Can Too is available.


Please speak to Sara before you register to ensure this circle is the right fit for you and to let her know where you are at in your healing journey right now:

Ph 0458231968, Email:saraphillipsnsw@gmail.com

Beach Ceremony 2017


  • Ceremonies

We will meet (if it feels right for you, entirely optional) on the 4th Monday of the month starting 29th March 2021 for a fire, earth, water or air ceremony to deep dive further into our inner journey in the months of March, April, June, July, September, October, and January.  These gatherings will be approximately an hour 7:30-8:30pm based in Port Macquarie but the instructions for the ceremony will be posted online so you can create your own ceremony wherever you are in your own time.

  • Retreats

We will be going away on RETREAT (aaaah long breath out, we all need to re-treat ourselves!!….camping or AirBnB) for 4x weekends in this 12 moon cycle in May, August, November 2021 and February 2022.  Dates & location  to be arranged. Each participant will be responsible for paying for their own accommodation, transport and food. 

These weekends away are entirely optional to deep dive further into our own Inner Journey (an added bonus if you can make it!).  These retreats will be intuitive and no instructions will be shared online, but we will share photos and our experience after each weekend so you will have the opportunity to create your own retreat too.

Labyrinth Ceremony 2019

A little more about Sara:

I am fascinated with this life-long healing journey of moving out of my mind/ego and into my heart/authentic Self.  I used to struggle with anxiety and depression and as a busy Mum I was always searching for healing tools and practices that would support me to be in my heart and soul space in a realistic and very human way.

Over the years I practiced more and more meditation and mindfulness which calmed my nervous system and supported my well-being in a deep way. In 2015 I did the Artists Way program for the first time and discovered creative processing and stream of conscious journalling and it was a revelation to me how healing this practice is, how it supports deep subconscious insights and change. I have been doing both forms of journalling since!  

A couple of years later I discovered the Divine healing, support and insights available in sacred women’s circles and in 2017 I discovered the Great Round of Mandala, an exploration of the archetypal stages we cycle through as humans in our journey through the wheel of life.   This journey encompassed creative processing in such a deep healing way I was drawn to repeat the journey in 2019 in a sacred women’s’ circle, the first Wise Woman Within Circle.

I was so lucky to do a New Moon Dance Meditation with Ashuma Sachdeva in Delhi in 2019 and I have felt the call to offer something similar since then.   Ever since I can remember I have loved dancing, I have experimented with different dance styles but now I feel the call to move my body freely, to process emotions, to understand my innermost heart and spirit, to feel a connection with the Divine & Mother Earth, through intuitive dance, meditation and creative expression. I would love you to share some Courageous Joy with me!  Inspiration for the dance we will do comes from https://www.dancingmindfulness.com/

Lately I’ve been craving even more support and holding for this midlife transition that I find myself in, where everything appears to be changing; my body, heart, soul, spirit, mind, relationships, role in life, my personal identity and so the list of changes goes on…   Early this year I reached for Jeff Brown’s Abandonment Wound course and reread Menopause: the Inner Journey (read more here) and into my heart a seed was planted… 

What if the year before I turn 50 was dedicated to be a year of healing?

What if I gathered women into a sacred circle and we explored this transition as a healing initiation journey? 

What if we combined all of the healing practices found in the Artists Way and the Mandala Workbook and created ritual and ceremony for our healing journey? 

The balance of both/and, non-duality -Sara 2021

And so here I am nurturing the seed…and inviting you to join me…  

Does your heart feel called to meditate, visualise, create, dance, process, move intuitively, play in a sacred loving, holding, supportive heart space? 

Does your soul feel called to release, let go, receive and transform?

I hope so xxx

To register or for more info: Phone Sara on 0458231968, Email: saraphillipsnsw@gmail.com

1000 petal healing mandala- Sara 2021

All photos and creative images are created by Sara Phillips – copyright 2017-2021