Understanding meltdowns and how we can calm ourselves & our kids down…

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntUqNeERFiA&t=33s For me understanding how our brain processes emotions, the triggers for the fight, flight or freeze responses in myself and in my kids has transformed my life!  I have also seen it transform many parents lives in coaching or in workshops as they understand that their child's emotional brain is still developing and… Continue reading Understanding meltdowns and how we can calm ourselves & our kids down…


The reality of school mornings (sigh!) and the need to breathe…

I'm wondering what mornings are like at your house? Yesterday was an absolute classic - with my twins (and me!) getting used to a new bus routine and earlier start time...for high-school.  With lots of opportunities to practice (sometimes without success!) mindful breathing!   I began by meditating on my balcony, calming my mind and… Continue reading The reality of school mornings (sigh!) and the need to breathe…


Finding Self-Compassion

Small changes seem to bring BIG changes if we can just persist and practice enough... It is amazing to me when things start settling in - first we understand a concept with our minds, and then over time as we practice,  we understand it deeply with our hearts - and then the real change happens...… Continue reading Finding Self-Compassion

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Mindful Healing

From burnt out to feeling calm and energised... I don't think I realised just how burnt out I was from a full on 3rd school term, and a pretty intense year so far....until taking some time out in the school holidays with the kids and after 2 weeks STILL feeling like not only had I… Continue reading Mindful Healing


The need to recharge….mindfully!

The one thing children wear out faster than shoes is their parents!! I love this card (thanks Ruth!)....and had forgotten I had it - that is the beauty of spending some time in the school holidays decluttering the house! It started with creating the feel of 2 bedrooms within one bedroom for my twins to… Continue reading The need to recharge….mindfully!


What to do when my kids are fighting?

Here's 3 quick and effective strategies to use with sibling rivalry that I teach from Positive Discipline. https://youtu.be/gg5kOcl6HtU Fighting is an everyday occurrence in our house with 4 kids / teens! I'm amazed at how affected I am emotionally when my kids fight - it is often the time when I need to use all… Continue reading What to do when my kids are fighting?


What do you & your child need?

Recently I did something out of the ordinary - I went for a walk, in the sun, in the middle of a weekday...just because.....and it felt like a HOLIDAY! It felt glorious! I felt so grateful! Even though it was a walk I do often - it was at a different time of day ....… Continue reading What do you & your child need?


How to find your inner calm & calm down your kids?

What do you do to stay calm or calm down?   I'd love to know what works for you..... I had to use all the mindfulness skills available to me earlier this week to keep calm....and then when I erupted (oops!) - to recover quickly!  No-one can push our buttons like our kids can - and… Continue reading How to find your inner calm & calm down your kids?


Keeping kids safe & mindful online…

My biggest parenting challenge right now is screens & the internet - it is ever more intrusive as the kids get older (my 4 are aged between 12-17!) and 'need' it for homework, socialising, music, take photos / films, entertainment etc etc....and the battle for screen-free time in our family grows! So I've been doing… Continue reading Keeping kids safe & mindful online…