Wise Woman Within

Stage 3: Labyrinth: Turning toward the journey

Labyrinth 2019 I am reluctant to leave the gentle formless, colourful, floating stage of Bliss, or even the resting in the darkness of the Void but just as it is in life we are ever pushed to move forward…and there is some beautiful wisdom and play to be found in this stage too.  For me… Continue reading Stage 3: Labyrinth: Turning toward the journey

Wise Woman Within

A Treesisters Sacred Circle

For women who want to grow together within sacred circle: “A sacred circle is something in and of itself. It is larger than the participants within it, calls forth essential truth, and orients us towards love. Your circle will be the leader of itself, and like all true expressions of love, it will not force,… Continue reading A Treesisters Sacred Circle

Wise Woman Within

Why a Wise Woman Within Sacred Women’s Circle?

Something a little profound happened in our Heart Intentions 2017 circle...each month our trust, sharing, and holding space for each other deepened and we found so much insight into our own lives and what was most important to us through meditations as well as the mandalas we made... It was a reassuring monthly date with… Continue reading Why a Wise Woman Within Sacred Women’s Circle?

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It’s been awhile…

Counting back I realise it's been approximately 9 months since I took a break from Mindful Parenting Mindful Coaching...what a relief it was to step back and focus on my family, my self and my work at headspace. Such a relief to hop off facebook / instagram and email....to retreat from the world a little… Continue reading It’s been awhile…