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What is within my control?

Early intervention and support for parents to coach their children to learn effective strategies and develop an internal locus of control to reduce anxiety.


Setting Deep Inner Intentions for 2017

I have been continuously amazed at the effectiveness of setting an intention, developing a vision board, using affirmations, sketching a vision, setting a goal etc for me and for my clients since setting out on my life coaching journey in January 2015 . The way I can best explain it is that when you are… Continue reading Setting Deep Inner Intentions for 2017


What to do when my kids are fighting?

Here's 3 quick and effective strategies to use with sibling rivalry that I teach from Positive Discipline. Fighting is an everyday occurrence in our house with 4 kids / teens! I'm amazed at how affected I am emotionally when my kids fight - it is often the time when I need to use all… Continue reading What to do when my kids are fighting?


How to find your inner calm & calm down your kids?

What do you do to stay calm or calm down?   I'd love to know what works for you..... I had to use all the mindfulness skills available to me earlier this week to keep calm....and then when I erupted (oops!) - to recover quickly!  No-one can push our buttons like our kids can - and… Continue reading How to find your inner calm & calm down your kids?

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3 Mindful Practices Online Course

So excited the NEW Online 35 Minutes of Mindfulness Online Course is live... it's FREE and only 35 minutes long - If you are keen to explore 3 different mindfulness practices - what would normally be in week 1 of our Mindfulness Practice class - here it is! I'd really welcome your feedback!! Hope you are… Continue reading 3 Mindful Practices Online Course


Tuning in to our environment…

Many indigenous cultures claim that it is important to listen to what the wildlife have to say to us... Since working in Central Australia - I've always felt an affinity with Willy Wagtails - yesterday as I was the sole person walking on the cold beach a Willy Wagtail came down to feed at the… Continue reading Tuning in to our environment…


Mindful Memories

We are often told that mindfulness is about not dwelling on or ruminating in the past and about being present. Yet at times it is healthy to remember the past or plan for the future - as my mindfulness teacher would say 'just do it mindfully!' Today is my daughter's 14th birthday and it has… Continue reading Mindful Memories


Mindful Gratitude #2

'Joy & Gratitude can be very vulnerable & intense experiences.  We are an anxious people and many of us have very little tolerance for vulnerability.  Our anxiety & fear can manifest as scarcity.  We think to ourselves: I'm not going to allow myself to feel this joy because I know it won't last Acknowledging how… Continue reading Mindful Gratitude #2