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Benefits of Mindfulness

I am currently doing a Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) course online ( and loving it! I was first introduced to the daily practice of mindfulness through an MBSR course in 2011 and it transformed my life! I practice mindfulness daily but I still sometimes forget or take for granted the reasons why mindfulness saves me… Continue reading Benefits of Mindfulness


Tuning in to our environment…

Many indigenous cultures claim that it is important to listen to what the wildlife have to say to us... Since working in Central Australia - I've always felt an affinity with Willy Wagtails - yesterday as I was the sole person walking on the cold beach a Willy Wagtail came down to feed at the… Continue reading Tuning in to our environment…


Mindful Memories

We are often told that mindfulness is about not dwelling on or ruminating in the past and about being present. Yet at times it is healthy to remember the past or plan for the future - as my mindfulness teacher would say 'just do it mindfully!' Today is my daughter's 14th birthday and it has… Continue reading Mindful Memories