Finding Self-Compassion

Small changes seem to bring BIG changes if we can just persist and practice enough... It is amazing to me when things start settling in - first we understand a concept with our minds, and then over time as we practice,  we understand it deeply with our hearts - and then the real change happens...… Continue reading Finding Self-Compassion


Setting Deep Inner Intentions for 2017

I have been continuously amazed at the effectiveness of setting an intention, developing a vision board, using affirmations, sketching a vision, setting a goal etc for me and for my clients since setting out on my life coaching journey in January 2015 . The way I can best explain it is that when you are… Continue reading Setting Deep Inner Intentions for 2017

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Mindful Healing

From burnt out to feeling calm and energised... I don't think I realised just how burnt out I was from a full on 3rd school term, and a pretty intense year so far....until taking some time out in the school holidays with the kids and after 2 weeks STILL feeling like not only had I… Continue reading Mindful Healing


The need to recharge….mindfully!

The one thing children wear out faster than shoes is their parents!! I love this card (thanks Ruth!)....and had forgotten I had it - that is the beauty of spending some time in the school holidays decluttering the house! It started with creating the feel of 2 bedrooms within one bedroom for my twins to… Continue reading The need to recharge….mindfully!


What to do when my kids are fighting?

Here's 3 quick and effective strategies to use with sibling rivalry that I teach from Positive Discipline. https://youtu.be/gg5kOcl6HtU Fighting is an everyday occurrence in our house with 4 kids / teens! I'm amazed at how affected I am emotionally when my kids fight - it is often the time when I need to use all… Continue reading What to do when my kids are fighting?


What do you & your child need?

Recently I did something out of the ordinary - I went for a walk, in the sun, in the middle of a weekday...just because.....and it felt like a HOLIDAY! It felt glorious! I felt so grateful! Even though it was a walk I do often - it was at a different time of day ....… Continue reading What do you & your child need?


How to find your inner calm & calm down your kids?

What do you do to stay calm or calm down?   I'd love to know what works for you..... I had to use all the mindfulness skills available to me earlier this week to keep calm....and then when I erupted (oops!) - to recover quickly!  No-one can push our buttons like our kids can - and… Continue reading How to find your inner calm & calm down your kids?

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Mindful Dancing

‘So take your dancing into your own hands, heal and strengthen your body, as many a woman has done before you and will continue to do.  Set out on this great adventure with yourself and discover the universe’. Rosina Fawzia Al-Rawi in Grandmothers Secrets: The Ancient Rituals & Healing Power Of Belly Dancing, 2003, p… Continue reading Mindful Dancing


Keeping kids safe & mindful online…

My biggest parenting challenge right now is screens & the internet - it is ever more intrusive as the kids get older (my 4 are aged between 12-17!) and 'need' it for homework, socialising, music, take photos / films, entertainment etc etc....and the battle for screen-free time in our family grows! So I've been doing… Continue reading Keeping kids safe & mindful online…