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A felt sense of safety in your body

It is not possible to shift emotional and psychological states without shifting physiological statesGray 2018 I attended a Complex Trauma webinar yesterday with Pam Stavropoulos (contributor to Blue Knot Complex Trauma Practice Guidelines) and the main take-away (again) was the need to calm and soothe our body, until there is a 'felt-sense' of safety, in… Continue reading A felt sense of safety in your body

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3 Mindful Practices Online Course

So excited the NEW Online 35 Minutes of Mindfulness Online Course is live... it's FREE and only 35 minutes long - If you are keen to explore 3 different mindfulness practices - what would normally be in week 1 of our Mindfulness Practice class - here it is! I'd really welcome your feedback!! Hope you are… Continue reading 3 Mindful Practices Online Course