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Nature & Soul: a journey to healing and wisdom (new mission statement and invitation)

What shape waits in the seed of you to grow and spread it’s branches against a future sky.”

David Whyte

I have recently read the Lightmakers Manifesto: how to work for change without losing your joy, by Karen Walrond, and she has beautiful exercises in the back of the book to get you in touch with what lights you up, your values and your spark (mission) statement. It’s been awhile since I’ve done this process & I particularly loved her process as it begins with writing a list of all the things that you love! Lovely!

The words that occurred the most for me were ‘Nature, healing journey, connection, and curiousity/learning (closely followed by creativity, and inner wisdom). So I have played with how these words might form a spark/mission statement and how I might bring my two passions that I love exploring and learning about; nature and human nature, into closer alignment.

My mission in life is to support myself and others to explore and understand:

  • the inner and outer terrain of being human here on Earth,
  • how our human nature and the nature on earth are interconnected,
  • how we can learn from and heal in nature to come home to our Wise Self (essence, soul, spirit) with the qualities of curiousity, compassion, courage, creativity, connection, calm, clarity and confidence.
  • How we can cultivate these ‘C’ qualities above within our Wise Self to heal ourselves, heal others and heal Earth.

the goal of life is to match your heartbeat with the beat of the Universe, to match your nature with nature.”

Joseph Campbell

Our true nature is at first a mystery to our everyday mind. To recover our inmost secrets we must venture into the inner /outer wilderness where we shall find out essential nature waiting for us.”

Bill Plotkin SoulCraft

When we love country, country loves us.”

Emma Lee, Aboriginal Activist Tasmania

I’m curious why only now I am feeling the call to be brave enough to write a mission statement that says nature is an essential part of my life, my soul and my work, that I want to bring healing to myself, to others and to Earth around us, when it has been something I have loved and wanted to do since childhood. Is this another peeling off a layer of fear of judgement and rejection to say publicly I care deeply for our earth and all beings who live on her? Is it a growing step to tie in my two loves into one purpose?

In meditation these last few months, while ocean-gazing, I kept hearing the message that in order to heal me, I need to heal earth and in order to heal earth, I need to heal me. Emma Lee’s words from an online conference I attended in the pandemic “when we love country, country loves us,” keep echoing in my heart and soul. After the terrible fires and floods in recent years it is clear our earth is in desperate need of healing and that, we too as humans, are in desperate need of healing. I want to be part of healing myself, healing others and healing Earth, what about you?

A rather cold and refreshing swim at Dove Lake with my daughter.

My love of nature

I have always loved being in nature (read more here: and I have found it deeply healing, ever since I was a kid…. I was fortunate to have a big willow tree in my backyard that I loved and a Dad who was keen to get us kids out in nature as often as possible, often lost and in the rain!!

Being in nature is so important to me that attuning to and being grateful for the elements, is now part of my daily practice to calm my nervous system and to tune in to my inner wisdom. My love of nature is also why it was essential for me to work out of a studio with beautiful nature views as well as live by the ocean with many trees close by and to offer reconnect to soul nature coaching. From my time with Frank Ansell, Nangkere, in the Central Desert, on Arrende Land, I know in my bones just how healing nature can be when we are guided to understand her signs and symbols.

Most recently I have been a local activist to save koala habitat but for years I have made donations to Bush Heritage Australia, visited national parks across the country, and been part of the climate action movement with my kids who are concerned about their future.

Unfurling, growing, evolving…

Nature & Soul: part of counselling, retreats and workshops…

Innocently immersing yourself in nature, you will discover in time that nature reflects your soul…”

Bill Plotkin SoulCraft

Nature has been a part of our Women’s Circles, and since 2017, we have had labyrinths and fire circles in nature, retreats in forests and we have used nature to understand our own journey and tune in to our inner wisdom. Being in nature is incredibly mindful, bringing us back to presence, healing (read more here: and it is often a source of discussion and visualisation for me and my clients.

Understanding nature (e.g. seasons, the growth cycles of a tree) can help us to understand our human nature and to tune in to our inner wisdom, our soul. The Hero/Heroine’s journey (& Great Round Of Mandala in our Wise Woman Within Circle) helps us to navigate transitions in life and this is often reflected in nature.

Life is like a devotional practice, with more layers appearing for healing but with each layer, more clarity and freedom.”

Bethany Webster The Inner Mother
Tuning in to nature’s wisdom February 2022

I am drawn to keep reading and learning how interconnected our human nature is with nature herself (Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin, Belonging by Toko-Pa Turner & more resources here: and to keep doing programs such as Soul Quest and & 7 Day Sit Spot Challenge with Nature Philosophy or Alignment with Julie Gibbons or learn more about our Wise Self (soul) with IFS.

So I am curious about this next turning of the earth, and how I might bring in more nature into others’ journeys into healing and wisdom and connecting to their hearts and souls….I’m also curious about how I might do more to heal our earth… stay tuned…

I’m also curious what draws you in to being in nature, how healing do you find nature, are you curious too about the use of nature to tune in to your soul and inner wisdom, to find healing? Are you curious about exploring more ways how to heal our earth? Let me know, I’m keen to hear your thoughts…

Reflecting nature’s wisdom in creative exercises.