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Rediscovering your creative (& spiritual) self

The Artist Way Journey.

My well loved, well thumbed, well highlighted and post-it noted 1993 edition of The Artist Way by Julia Cameron

I first completed the Artist Way by Julia Cameron in a small group of wise women in 2015 and it truly transformed my life! I had dabbled in being creative since school (mostly a little pottery) and making things with my kids. I knew I liked being creative but I was actually terrified to pick up a paint brush in case I got it ‘wrong’ or was ‘bad’ at painting…and could I give myself permission to play and create? Now I can’t stop art journalling with a paint brush…even though it is still messy, imperfect and mostly for my own personal process and the Artist Way was the first resource that gave me that encouragement and permission to begin a creative practice.

An art journalling exercise with a mandala exploring health and wellbeing intentions…each colour, each symbol chosen carefully to represent something personally significant for me. A picture says 1000 words and when we create a visual representation of our personal process or our intentions, our heart and soul, our subconscious, lights up, understanding the meaning before our logical brain has time to think!! It’s such a powerful way to bring about positive change…

The Artist Way is so much more than rediscovering your creativity – it is about discovering your creative & spiritual SELF, about finding a spiritual path to living a more creative and flexible life…and for me that is where the transformation happens….in discovering more of my true authentic Self. When I established the process of stream of consciousness writing (the morning pages), connected with my playful inner child (my inner artist/artist dates) and strengthened my connection to the Divine, the larger mystery of life,… more of my decisions in life were guided by my heart and soul and not by old habits/patterns and conditioning. And so the journey of living life more creatively and flexibly, from my heart and soul continues today and I am so READY to dive in to the Artist Way again, 6 years later!

Many of us wish we were more creative. Many of us sense we are more creative, but unable to effectively tap that creativity. Our dreams elude us. Our lives feel somehow flat. Often we have great ideas, wonderful dreams, but are unable to actualise them for ourselves…..

We hunger for what might be called creative living- an expanded sense of creativity in our (work) lives, in sharing with (family) and friends.”

Julia Cameron in The Artist Way

I invite you to join me for The Artist Way Journey to your creative and spiritual self in 2022…

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A mandala from our trip to Tassie in January 2021…often I do very fast, messy, intuitive art journalling which is all about the process and not a ‘good to look at’ outcome but occasionally I like choosing each symbol very carefully, taking my time to create something that makes my heart sing – so many memories in this mandala.

I still do stream of consciousness journalling daily (such a powerful process), as well as connect in with my spiritual self (through meditation, visualisation and journalling) and take my inner child on artist dates (need more of those post-covid!) as I strengthen my regular creative process…The Artist Way gave me powerful daily and weekly practices that I continue to use and continue to experience the benefits as I live life more and more from my authentic creative and spiritual self (an ever-unfolding journey).

I’m really looking forward to diving in to The Artist Way again in early 2022 to explore more of Julia Cameron’s Journalling exercises… for me it is one of the best programs for the after-effects to be rippling out into your life years after you have completed it and it is something you can come back to again and again!!

Review in The Artist Way
by Julia Cameron 2020

Share with kindred spirits as you grow, heal and enjoy rediscovering a spiritual path to your creative Self.

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Morning pages do get us to the other side: the other side of our fear, of our negativity, of our moods. Above all they get us beyond our Censor. Beyond the reach of the Censor’s babble we find our own quiet centre, the place where we hear the still, small voice that is at once our Creator’s and our own.”

Julia Cameron in The Artist Way
Review in The Artist Way
by Julia Cameron 2020

Why gathering, sharing and creating is soooo GOOD for us…

I’m finding the combination of sharing, processing and creating in a safe and sacred space so empowering, insightful and enriching (Wise Woman Within Circle)…as each person shares from their heart and soul it seems to resonate and deepen in all of our hearts, and as we reflect and create from our heart and soul, we discover we can bring in more positive changes to our lives more easily, learning how to manage our fear and move through life more creatively with love.

Intentions Compass 2022 inspired by Mandala Magic with Julie Gibbons

Intentions for The Artist Way Journey 2022

My intention with the Artist Way Journey in 2022 is to gather a group of kindred spirits, who are keen to dive in to The Artist Way, explore the tools of morning pages and artist dates and find ways to live more in tune with their authentic, creative and spiritual selves. Instead of a ‘book club’ we will gather, share and experiment with visualisations before playing and creating art journalling pages from each chapter’s reflective tasks… We will feel deeply supported to explore each week what it is like to live more creatively and flexibly, how to bring in more joy and play as well as how to establish a regular creative practice that deepens our heart and soul connection to ourselves, others and our Earth.

2020 Edition of The Artist Way by Julia Cameron
Summary within The Artist Way, 202, by Julia Cameron

Hope you can join me for some creative journalling, visualising, mindfulness, laughter & sharing (while exploring ways to live more creatively from your heart & soul!)

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One of my artist dates was to buy rainbow scratchpaper – to do mark making – so much fun!! 🙂

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