Wise Woman Within

Courageous Joy

Through Intuitive Dance, Meditation & Mandalas:

Discover your heart & soul intentions for the New Year.

This self-exploration workshop is an invitation from my heart to yours to explore and experiment, to make sense of what is in our hearts and bodies, to move freely and intuitively, to express our deepest and truest selves through movement, meditation and mandalas.

You are invited to creatively explore your heart’s innermost yearnings, potential obstacles and discover the best way forward for you to continue to grow into your true self and connect with Mother Earth and others from your heart and spirit in 2021.  We will let go, receive and return!

This workshop will be a heart and body discovery of all you need to release and let go.    We will create sacred space for your heart and spirit to receive Divine clarity, insight and wisdom about what matters most for your heart, body, mind and soul in 2021.

We will dance intuitively exploring different beats, themes and emotions.  We will do creative visualisations and create a mandala of our dance experience and our heart and soul intentions so that we can returnto our daily lives with our hearts full, our minds clear and our bodies cleansed.  We will share our experience in a sacred and safe circle with open hearts and minds.

Our dance will be courageous as we allow all that is inside of us to be expressed and at times our dance will be joyful as we lose layers of stress and obligation and find more of the flame of spirit inside of us.

We will dance to discover more of our Courageous Joy in 2021…and this will ripple out into our families and communities.

‘It takes courage to live and love with your whole heart.’ 

Brene Brown Gifts of Imperfection


Monday 18th January, 7:15pm-9:15pm

Donation; $25 to Cantoo (to cancer research) https://www.cantoo.org.au/fundraisers/saraphillips

Registration: Sara 0458231968 or saraphillipsnsw@gmail.com

Venue: TBA: Numbers limited to 8 people

We can we stay awake to the struggles of the world and still cultivate JOY and connection with a strong back, soft front and wild heart.’ 

Brene Brown Unlocking Us Podcast

Artwork & photos by Sara 🙂

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