Wise Woman Within

Stage 10: Letting Go

This stage of ‘Letting Go’ is resonating so strongly with me, the synchronicity is leaving me grateful to the Great Round of Mandala and the Divine Mystery for how surprising life can be! 

Stage 10 is about the descent into the dark, fluid, lunar, yin forces where we soften around the edges, become vulnerable, tender and listen deeply.   It is about the descent into the feminine energy, the collective unconscious, into the dark moon and the unknown.  We get in touch with the wild edges of ourselves,  face our shadows, let the former order disintegrate as undergrowth on the forest floor disintegrates to nourish the new.      

Letting go is a time when we are aware of something beyond ourselves, something beyond our control and it is an invitation to do important inner work, to discover hidden parts of ourselves and to call on spiritual resources as our True Self emerges.  We can enter a realm of great teaching and inner wisdom.

She let go…

POEM: https://safire-rose.com/books-and-media/poetry/she-let-go

Letting go is a commitment to living, to understanding that there is impermanence for all things, that the natural cycle of life and death will occur just as night must follow day.  And that profound growth and creativity are birthed from the darkest of places.

Letting go is where we stop trying to be GOOD and instead become WHOLE; we let go of control and might feel like we have been cracked open into new ways of seeing and being in the world. We let go of our assumptions about life… or these assumptions may feel SHAKEN out of us as we let go our ideas about who we are and what we can expect about life.    We can be tipped off balance and feel out of our comfort zone.  We may experience terror, grief, shock, disorientation or a sense of adventure or excitement at this ending and new beginning.

This stage represents the dethronement of our ego as our identity and we let go all that is no longer needed, feeling unraveled and released.

Let it go,
Let it out,
Let it all unravel,
Let it free
And it will be
A path on which to travel.

Leunig https://www.leunig.com.au/works/poems

Refelection: What are you releasing or unravelling at the moment?  What are you letting go of willingly or unwillingly?  In what way are you being cracked open to new ways of being in this world? How is your ego being dethroned?   In what way are you being pushed to be WHOLE?  What assumptions about the world are being shaken loose?

Letting go is a time of surrender to the dark mystery, the underworld and is represented by festivals around the world including Halloween.  Almost all myths and fairy tales have the hero stepping out into the unknown, the dark, or meeting someone from the underworld to deepen their wisdom.

The process of surrender is a process of letting go of a sense of control and harnessing trust in a higher power.

Kylie Terraluna, Goddess Magazine

I am only just beginning to learn about Kali, the Hindu goddess, who is transformative and like lightening can destroy to create and create to destroy. She has the power to hold and support anyone no matter what they are going through.  Kali is said to represent the death of the separate self, the ego. She represents the womb of creation as pure unmanifested energy. Kali is a powerful representation of this stage of letting go in order to invite in the new.  A Kali Yantra is a sacred meditation or worship device and can be used to create, contain and focus energy. 

Powerful Kali Yantra Mandalas http://towardstillness.com/resources/articles/the-kali-yantra/

Reflection: when in your life has something been destroyed in order for the new to be created?   A recent, small, symbolic example for me this weekend was weeding, pruning and removing plants in order to create a frog pond.

The mandalas of this stage often represent a sinking or going below, a gate or a cave, a loosening of structure as we embrace the feminine and often involve more, earthy colours.  These mandalas can be a safe container for powerful emotions and Divine mystery as we let go and make important life transitions.   The mandalas can represent a ‘role’ that we are letting go that no longer serves us  or they can represent a Spirit guide that can give us strength and power as we journey into the unknown.

‘to let go is to be’


Letting Go Ritual:

The dark moon is such a great time to do a letting go ritual.  We can write down all that no longer serves us that we wish to let go and release it all with love, forgiveness and gratitude (into a fire or buried into the ground) and create space for the new.

Information for this blog came from Susanne F. Fincher’s The Mandala Workbook and Julia Gibbon’s Mandala Magic Program in 2017  as well as the Goddess Magazine.

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