Wise Woman Within

A Treesisters Sacred Circle

For women who want to grow together within sacred circle:

“A sacred circle is something in and of itself. It is larger than the participants within it, calls forth essential truth, and orients us towards love. Your circle will be the leader of itself, and like all true expressions of love, it will not force, persuade or cajole but will wait with infinite patience and understanding to be heard and expressed…”

~ Jenny Rose Smith, TreeSisters Groves Mama

It was after climbing Bishop & Clerk Mountain and nestling in the arms of this giant gum tree in Tassie that I knew this year I would prioritise and cultivate deep connection to myself, to others & to Mother Earth. And what better way to do that than to facilitate a sacred women’s circle with this deep connection to self, others & Mother Earth as the primary intention… After walking in Cradle Mountain a few days later….an area that has been a reserve for over 100 years and rich in wildlife and wild beauty, I felt strongly that I need to align my work with doing more to save this beautiful planet. Mother Earth has so much ancient wisdom to share with us if we take the moment to be quiet and listen…while we too have so much to give to the Earth.

I’ve been following the TreeSisters movement for a bit more than a year now and I’m so excited that our Wise Woman Within Journey: Sacred Women’s Circle is becoming a Treesisters Grove and will be donating $6 per month, per kindred spirit in our circle, to the grassroots women’s movement that is reforesting and planting over 2, 000, 000 trees per year.

The core belief of TreeSisters: women seeding change, is that the In Breath, the nurturing of yourself, is very important in order for the Out Breath,
the giving to others and to Mother Earth, to happen, …and as busy women it is vital that we gather in circles with like-minded women to make sure we breathe in deeply, nurturing ourselves in order to keep giving, breathing out and giving wisely to our families, communities and Mother Earth.

“As women we are most powerful when we join hands in sisterhood. Finding our place, discovering that we belong, and leaning into sisterhood with like-minded women who share our values and dreams allows us to discover and express our most authentic selves Togethernessis key. Sisterhood is everything.”

~ Clare Dubois, Founder of TreeSisters

I am just on the beginning of a journey with TreeSisters there is so much beautiful information and stories on their website…if you want to find out more you can here: https://www.treesisters.org/ 

Or here: https://www.facebook.com/treesisters/ 

I LOVE their meditations, so deeply recharging and truly beautiful…we’ll be taking inspiration from these in our Wise Woman Within Journey. Tree Sisters Meditations: https://femmiversity.treesisters.org/meditations/

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