Wise Woman Within

Why a Wise Woman Within Sacred Women’s Circle?

Something a little profound happened in our Heart Intentions 2017 circle…each month our trust, sharing, and holding space for each other deepened and we found so much insight into our own lives and what was most important to us through meditations as well as the mandalas we made… It was a reassuring monthly date with our heart and soul in a safe and sacred space, held by other women, to process what was unfolding in our lives and to access our intuition about the next steps to take…

All of last year I ached to find something similar…and I deeply missed our circle. So here it is a sacred women’s circle for 2019 and I’m so excited! And this year we are going deeper with our exploring the 12 archetypal stages in the Great Round Of Mandala from The Mandala Workbook: A creative guide for Self-Exploration, Balance & Well-being by Susan Fincher as a guide to accepting the whole of life as it is, integrating our whole Self and opening to the Divine Mystery .

Each month will be organic and flow intuitively and will most likely involve mediations/visualisations, silence, deep sharing and a creative experiential mandala to tap into your inner truth and soul path.

Some of the inner resources we will be focussing on growing within ourselves are: courage, compassion, deep connection, acceptance, authentic purpose, deep inner wellbeing, healthy balance, self-care, spirituality and inner wisdom/intuition.

I was lucky enough to do the online Mandala Magic course with Julia Gibbons and LOVED exploring the 12 archetypal stages from the Mandala Workbook…so powerful, insightful and amazing to see the unfolding within the mandalas. Claudia has been lucky enough to study these mandalas with Susan Fincher herself and I’m so excited that she’s joining me to co-facilitate this year’s sacred women’s circle.

And why the Wise Woman Within? … each month we’ll be tuning into our intuition, our deeper needs, our core values, what is really important to your heart and soul through meditation, visualisations, deep sharing, deep listening and mandalas and strengthening our connection to the wise woman within…

If this speaks to you, I hope you can join us.

x Sara

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