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It’s been awhile…

Counting back I realise it’s been approximately 9 months since I took a break from Mindful Parenting Mindful Coaching…what a relief it was to step back and focus on my family, my self and my work at headspace. Such a relief to hop off facebook / instagram and email….to retreat from the world a little and rest deeply and breathe…

Yet within a few months there was a restlessness, a desire to go deeper, to offer something that would feed my heart and soul while deeply nourishing other women on a similar journey and so the Inner Wise Woman seed was planted…and nurtured and is now being birthed into the world.

I feel all the excitement and fear of bringing something new into the world and yet it feels so right, so light and refreshing and my intention is to genuinely offer what feels right in my heart & soul to you…and release it, without expectations and allow it to unfold. My personal intention is to journey to uncover more of my inner wise woman and deepen my connection to my Self, Others & Mother Earth…if you feel a calling to do this I hope you can join me…

x Sara

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