Mindful Parenting

Farewell for a 3 Month Break & Thank you :)

radical self-care #2
Radical Self-Care….something I find so easy to share with all parents….yet it’s never so easy to prioritise or PRACTICE! We can think we are doing enough self-care and then we get a wake up call – it’s time to do MORE!! And self-care IS a life-time practice… a daily practice!
So this is what I’m about to do – radical self-care, as I take a 3 month break from Mindful Parenting Mindful Coaching and instead focus on my own, and my family’s health and well-being…aaahh…it’s long over-due!!
I’m also going to focus on my new and exciting role as a part-time therapeutic groups facilitator for 12-25 year olds at headspace here in Port Macquarie…it’s a steep learning curve as I share all that I know re: mindfulness/ACT and managing anxiety, stress & anger with young people…I am loving the challenge and I am keen to dive in deep with exploring and learning further…in a balanced, healthy way…if I can!!
Part of this radical self-care process for me is to hop off facebook and instagram for 3 months….a retreat from social media…a call to be more present in the moment and more focussed on my loved ones. I’m not sure I can do it…there are so many benefits to being online….but I’ll give it a go!
So farewell and a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported my business in the last 3 years…many many thanks!
And good luck with your own self-care as you go forward in this messy life of kids and work and obligations and to do lists… let me know how you go with prioritising your own radical self-care when I re-emerge on the 31st August. 🙂
Big Hugs, Sara xx

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