Random Acts Of Kindness

I was a little blown away by the number of homeless people I saw in Sydney recently 😦 and a little perplexed with how to help… then luckily the Universe provided me with an opportunity. 
I was in a 7/11 store stocking up on breakfast supplies and there was a man in the corner taking a long time to decide on what he was going to buy…finally I took notice… and saw that his trousers were covered in mud and his trench coat was worn through with holes.
I decided here was my moment so I wandered up to the counter and said ‘can I pay for what he is buying?’ – hoping to do it discreetly and anonymously!   The man at the counter’s eyes lit up and said sure…and I was already feeling better…  But then much to my dismay the man approached the counter and I was fearful about how our meeting would go!  The man at the counter said – ‘she wants to buy you your food’ and I made eye contact with the man in the trench coat…tentatively, not sure of his reaction.
‘Really?’ he said, ‘What’s your name?’ and wanted to shake my hand…we introduced ourselves – and it was the warmest interaction I had had with anyone that trip to Sydney….  He finished by saying ‘ Next time your in town I’ll buy you something’ and walked off with a smile…and the interaction left me with tears in my eyes and a feeling of warmth that is hard to explain….his gift to me was so much more than the food I bought.
Random acts of kindness and helping others – get us out of our own headspace and into a space of feeling a bit better about the world…   And yet it can be hard for us to find the time or to know how to do it or to feel comfortable doing it?
A little while ago our family had a kindness coin from school and it would anonymously appear on your pillow if someone in the family wanted to acknowledge your kindness – a lovely gesture – I might endeavour to bring it back!
One of the most amazingly beautiful random acts of kindness I read about was the lady who paid the parking fine for a stranger – when she saw they had been fined in a hospital carpark – she left a note to say ‘I’m sure with whatever you are going through you do not need this stress’ – how lovely and thoughtful!
So I’m just wondering what your random act of kindness will be this week? 🙂 Sara

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