Imperfect, Good Enough, Parenting Manifesto

 It’s OK for me to make mistakes, to reflect on what didn’t work, to apologise and to make things right again.
It’s OK for me to still be learning and growing and to at times not know the best way to act or respond.
It’s OK for me to love my children fiercely and still do things for myself knowing I need to feed my soul and my children need to learn independence.
It’s OK for me to rest and keep things simple and connect with my kids while I have a messy house and I’m disorganised at times.

It’s OK to not be good at things like cooking or vege gardening or hosting birthday parties or kicking the footy and instead focus on things I am good at and what I enjoy dong with my kids.
It’s OK to admit that you are imperfect and you are struggling to other parents.
It is OK to be as kind and as gentle to myself as I aim to be to my kids.

It’s OK to choose to stay at home or return to work. It’s OK to do what makes me happy and fulfilled so I can be then be present and available to my kids when I am with them.
It’s OK to focus on being the best I can be in that moment, that hour, that day, even if at the time it is far from perfect.
It’s OK to have mixed feelings about this parenting role as I know underneath it all I love my children, I’m continuing to grow, I am doing the best I can and I am showing up each day to look after me and my family.

What do you think? Anything to add?

What would your manifesto look like if you gave yourself permission to be imperfect?

Making Mistakes Positive Discipline

(A Positive Discipline Tool Card that I use ALOT in my life & in my workshops / parent coaching!)

(inspired by Julie Patterson’s Imperfect Manifesto http://juliepaterson.com.au/…/imperfect-manifesto-japanese…/)

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