A Mindful Approach To Time

The Big Leap.png
I have just finished reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks – fascinating book ….but the chapter that resonated with me most was the one on Time!
At first it didn’t ring true to me…but boy has it made a huge difference to my week!
He talks about how when we talk about time as if we don’t have enough of it….’I’m out of time, there’s never enough time, I’m running late, he’s late, this will never get done’ …we are frantic, stressed, and we are never enjoying the moment and we never seeem to have enough time.
When we stop doing that and actually say to ourselves -‘ there is ENOUGH time, there is always enough time’…somehow we slow down, enjoy the moment, stop worrying about what we will /won’t get done….and it has the effect of feeling like time slows!
Time is time – it doesn’t change , but Hendrick’s pemise is that when we are enjoying ourselves it is as if time slows…the quality of the moment is better whereas when we are frantic – time speeds by and things don’t get done, and there is no quality to the moment…..so by being mindful, by slowing down and reassuring ourselves there IS time – we enjoy what is here – we affect the quality of time – it feels as if it slows!  And we get things done – one step at a time.
Not sure this is making sense – you’ll have to read the book! 🙂
It worked for me quite a few times last week – and today –  when I catch myself racing ahead and planning / worrying about the day – I can say to myself ‘ there is ENOUGH time’ and bring myself back the present moment – and so far there has been enough time….while I have also been less stressed and have enjoyed the moment more! 🙂
Maybe worth trying?? 🙂
May you have all the time you need this week x Sara

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