Resilient Families Thriving Kids

Imagine if we could raise kids to be emotionally and socially aware and with life skills that mean they are resilient, confident, capable, creative and content with life.   Imagine if we could prepare children for adulthood, for school and the corporate world by the way we raise them in our homes. Imagine if we could reduce the rates of depression and anxiety and rage in our teenagers and young adults by teaching social and emotional life skills and raise their awareness of themselves and others in their community in order for them to thrive?

This is the aim with my new Resilient Families Thriving Kids Program that will be launched in June with my new look website at www.mindfulparentingmindfulcoaching.com.  This is following on from the success of the Raising Resilient Kids workshops I’ve been running in schools and will incorporate all my knowledge and skills I have collected in mindfulness, life coaching,  parenting programs and communication skills.

My mission is to empower all parents/carers/grandparents to create resilient families and raise thriving kids who are confident, resilient and content.

Research demonstrates that resilient families demonstrate the following factors (Greg Eells – link); social connection, flexible optimistic attitude, strong core values, emotional awareness and the ability to be silly / find the humour in a situation.  All of these factors are included in the Resilient Families Thriving Kids program.

The world is changing rapidly and there is a need to equip our kids with the skills to be creative and resilient so that they can thrive in a future we cannot yet foresee.

Parenting is more challenging than ever with the cyber world at kid’s fingertips and today’s world and childhood being extremely different to the childhood parent’s experienced approx 30 years ago.

Learning one small strategy can make a world of difference in a family’s life …. from little things big things grow…. We can change the culture within one family and from there make a difference to the communities we live in now and in the future.

All parents I have worked with have wanted the following life skills / values for their children when they reach adulthood:

  • happiness
  • good health
  • confidence
  • good communication skills
  • great relationships
  • empathy
  • independent
  • resilience
  • emotionally self-aware and intelligent
  • educated
  • fulfilling job
  • kind and caring of others
  • respectful of themselves and others
  • contributing to the community
  • values – knowing right from wrong
  • positive outlook on life
  • good at conflict resolution / solving problems

It can be mind boggling to know how to achieve all of this in the chaos and busyness of everyday parenting. Resilient Families Thriving Kids incorporates strategies to achieve these life skills and values long term.

I teach and coach parents/carers/staff from all walks of life how to role model and teach their children/teens how to:

  1. Communicate effectively with siblings, parents & peers
  2. Problem solve creatively
  3. Understand and safely process their emotions
  4. Cultivate positive life skills, qualities and values
  5. Be present to the joyful /golden moments in everyday life
  6. Contribute to their community in a purposeful & meaningful way

Contented, resilient parents = contented resilient children.

I work from a solutions focussed and strengths based approach. I have found by teaching families about resilience, emotions, social skills and problem solving parents are empowered to make changes to their parenting and find win:win solutions to any behavioural issues they have been experiencing at home while continuously working to the long term goal of helping their kids to thrive now and in the future.

The content in the Resilient Families Thriving Kids Programme is based on the latest neuroscience and mindfulness research. It is strongly influenced by evidence based programmes that I have been trained in and facilitated including ACT Mindfully, MindUp, Bringing Up Great Kids, Positive Discipline, How To Talk So Kids Will Listen. These programs and Resilient Families Thriving Kids draw on the research of experts such as Dan Siegel & Brene Brown (link to resources page).

The Resilient Families Thriving Kids Program complements all Social & Emotional Learning programmes in school curriculums such as CASEL, Friendly Schools, Kids Matter & MindUp. The program is also beneficial to all professionals who work with families such as teachers, carers, educators, case workers. It can also be tailored to suit your school, preschool or organisation.

The Resilient Families Thriving Kids Program empowers parents to role model and teach kids how to be:

  • Compassionate
  • Content
  • Confident
  • Connected
  • Communicative
  • Creative
  • Caring
  • Capable &
  • Contributing to their community


And is organised in 6 easy to learn modules:

  1. Understand emotions and process them safely
  2. Effective communication & connection with others
  3. Win : Win Creative Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution
  4. Cultivate positive life enhancing qualities
  5. Learn how to be in the present moment and have fun, rest, play (offline!)
  6. Contribute to the community in a meaningful and purposeful way

The Resilient Families Thriving Kids Program is delivered through workshops and / or an online group coaching program online  as well as through 1:1 parent coaching via skype or in person.   The program supports parents to learn the skills and knowledge to adapt to their own lives and improve their own well-being as well as to teach those skills to their children.

Can’t wait!!

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