5 Mindful Minutes


This mindful blogging is working!  I am definitely feeling more aware and more mindful!   It’s so nice to know there are many others out there exploring the same thing too!  Thank you!

In the past 3 months when I was immersed in a new job and long hours all my resolutions to meditate went out the window.   Last week though, after renegotiating my work hours, I rediscovered the power of finding 5 minutes to meditate.  It is so easy to underestimate the effect of 5 minutes (I do it all the time!) and to say, ‘ I haven’t got time, there’s no point!’ but every time I sit for 5 minutes and mindfully focus on my body, the sounds I can hear, my breath, the areas of tension, I can feel a difference!

It might be that I feel calmer, more present or more aware of the tension…

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