Whale Watching Lessons of Mindfulness

So it’s whale watching season here… And I’m learning a lot!
1) it’s good to have a goal but don’t strive too hard… Detach from it a little bit and it’s more likely to happen!
2) sometimes you can be so narrowly focussed on your goal, you forget to look at the big picture, sometimes it’s good to look up and see the sky, or appreciate the beauty of the ocean, appreciate what is, right now!
3) sometimes my eyes strain peering for whales, focussed out on the deep, and I look just in front of me and there’s a pod of dolphins, right there!!! Sometimes what is right in front of us is beautiful even if it’s not what we’re striving for!
4) just when your patience has run out and you are about to give up, a whale leaps out of the water and all the pain of waiting has gone, you sit in awe and wonder, 100% in the moment, all worthwhile!
5) no matter how heavy the swell and the storm, the extreme gale force winds, it’s peaceful where the dolphins and whales swim!
Any other whale lessons?

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