Full Moon Mindfulness

As I was walking on dusk last night, watching the beautiful blues and pinks and the near full moon, I caught myself thinking ‘WOW this will be great tomorrow night, we should come down here and see the FULL moon!   Planning a perfect moment….when actually the moon was perfect right then and there….no need to plan for a better night or moment, I just needed to absorb the moment as it was….

Who knows what will happen in the future, too many times I plan for the future then when I get there I wistfully long for the past….all we really have is right now…

Its so challenging to remember that even when I’m walking along a beautiful beach….let alone when things are tough….so much to learn and practice!

I hope you enjoy a full moon moment… no matter how fleeting!

Just have to add a postscript: the next night was filled with clouds and NO SIGN of full moon!!! Lucky I’d caught myself and enjoyed it when it was nearly full!

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