Slowing down time…..eating mindfully

Thank you for all the likes & to new followers, it gives me heart to continue blogging….as does the fact that I feel more mindful every time I write this blog, it definitely helps me keep on track!

I’ve been trying to mindfully eat each meal, at least for a moment or a few mouthfuls and I can’t believe how hard it is to do!   I read that we usually tune out to what we eat after the first few mouthfuls….and for me this is definitely true!

If I can bring myself to attempt to eat my whole meal mindfully (on rare occasions when I am totally alone) I can’t believe how much time slows down, to the point of being almost painful!  I will feel fidgety, like I want to multi-task while I eat (check texts, read something, write lists).  My mind will wonder and as with meditation I try to bring it back to the present moment….but I’m amazed at how I don’t actually like mindfully eating!!! I guess I am so used to doing other things while I eat???  I am realising just how totally conditioned I am!  If I’m eating alone I’ll also be reading at the very least!

Having said that I am starting to see some benefits of eating mindfully (when I remember to do it which considering we eat 3-5 times a day it’s still happening rarely!).   I am more aware of texture, of tension in my body as I eat, of my stomach… how hungry, satisfied or full I feel.  Amazingly I am becoming aware of not actually liking some foods I’ve always eaten!!!   And I always feel fuller quicker than if I eat mindlessly!

So….I’m determined to use eating as a mindfulness practice….trying to be gentle with myself when I forget time and time again….I’ll aim to just bring myself back to the present moment and really focus on what fuel I am putting into my body….maybe this will once and for all help me to eat less and eat healthier foods!?

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