More Mindful Meltdowns

Have you noticed that mindfulness helps you deal with strong emotions?   Occasionally in the last couple of months I have been overwhelmed with a strong unpleasant emotion……and I have to say initially disappointed that mindfulness didn’t help me to AVOID feeling that bad!!!

So the strength of the emotion is still there…..but somehow all of that mindfulness practice helps me to observe it, to go with it, to express it ( privately), to let the tears out, to label it, to empathise with it, to reduce how much analysing and thoughts spin around in my head about it AND to do something with that emotional energy  (guided meditation, walk or ride).

And even though I am ALWAYS disappointed initially to have even felt that bad…..I feel cleaner / clearer afterwards….I have thought more constructively and said less so that the bad feeling seems over and done with alot quicker than the old days when I would hang on to it and fight it!

It’s a small step forward but a significant one…..with so much more growing ahead!

2 thoughts on “More Mindful Meltdowns”

  1. Thank you…..it’s so hard at times for me to realise that it is OK to experience strong emotion…..and feeling it is different to acting out those emotions…..funny it just occurred to me that this is what I am trying to teach my kids!!! Boy it’s a long learning journey!! Big breath out……good to focus on the small steps forward!


  2. This really resonated with me today…needed some calming breaths this morning to reduce the intensity of my emotion. It’s tough that the emotions aren’t erased, but at least we can move forward! As a fellow mom I can understand those meltdowns for sure 🙂 Hope you have a lovely day…


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