Not So Mindful Monday!!

I was walking along with my kids one Monday evening and with a jolt out of my inner ramblings I realised the river had flowed the day before!!    We had celebrated the rain and hoped the river would flow…..but somehow we had ended up relishing a wet, cool day at home and not gone anywhere!

Immediately I began internally beating myself up….how could I  NOT have noticed the weather outside, how could we have missed such a momentous occasion here in the desert…..how could I have been so UNmindful!!!

And so the inner harsh ramblings continued as my kids explored this fascinating, moist environment and only once I got to the top of the hill and looked out over the range and saw a stunning sunset spiking through clouds  was I able to wake up!  Here I am beating myself up about NOT being mindful yesterday and I am MISSING a chance to be mindful right here right now!!!!

Deep breath, relax the shoulders, take in the sunset, the sound of cicadas, the birds, be grateful to be right here right now, with my kids and this glorious landscape……….and …we’ll see the river run next time!!!!

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