Mindful Making


Pots Pinched With Love. Each one of these pots is made from the same bit of paper clay and rolled into a small table tennis ball size before being pinched with love and care as a gift to a loved one!  I let go of the outcome, embrace the imperfection and enjoy the process of finding out how each pot will turn out?  A bit like raising children really??  If only it was that easy!  The prints are a reminder to my loved ones to come back to the present moment and appreciate the here and now.  I hope they like them!!

Isn’t it amazing when we find that moment when you lose sense of time and you are completely immersed, completely invovled in the moment….for me that can sometimes be making ceramics, as long as I let go my search for perfection and my high expectations.  Making these pinch pots was a great way to be in the moment and to let go……but I am still envious of my kids who can so easily be immersed and mindful when fully engaged in an activity they love.  Just the other day my twin boys (8) had three friends over and they began to make a cubby/hideout out of bushes and branches….it was magical to see them all so involved and purposeful…..I hardly had to do anything, just provide refreshments!!!  A moment to treasure!

4 thoughts on “Mindful Making”

  1. Thank you….. pinching pots definitely helps my heart to sing and my mind to still! I like that definition of mindfulness….”heart over mind”. : ) Sara


  2. Lovely pots Sara–they look like clam shells! (with beautiful swirls in them).
    When my meditation teacher was near the end of his life he had us students renovate the garage of his house and turn it into a pottery studio, saying that doing craftwork with our hands would help make us kinder more caring meditators (Years later i realized how ‘crafty’ he was: we needed rebalancing, we were wayyy too ‘stuck’ in our heads!)


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