Nature moments that woke me up!

I’d love to say that I haven’t written a blog for awhile because I have been so mindful(!) but alas the opposite has been true!  However I am learning that even in  the tough stressful times we can find things that jerk us back into the present moment, and wake us up either in a pleasant or non-pleasant way but both effective!

The first for me in a tough week was when I was mentally talking myself out of taking 5 minutes to mindfully meditate (you don’t have time, there’s no point, what will you get out of it?….etc) when I looked out of my bedroom window and saw two beautiful birds with bright yellow faces ( I found out later they were called white plumed honey-eaters http://www.waratahsoftware.com.au/wp_birds_birds.html) and it seemed they saw me at the same time…they kept flying to the window and hovering there then returning to their branch and eyeballing me before hovering again!  I was captivated and in awe and COMPLETELY mindfully in the moment for at least 5 minutes.  It was a gift and a good lesson for me!  I hope they come back!

Then later that week I was trudging on a bushwalk head down , absorbed in the miserable self-pitying thoughts cascading through my head when there was a HUGE rustle in the grass. I jumped, heart thumping, ‘Snake!’ and ran backwards, knowing that it is well and truely snake season here in the desert summer’s heat.

Gone were the thoughts and I was immediately hyper-tuned to my surroundings, taking in where I was and who or what else was sharing this space!  As I stood there I felt that the snake was doing the same thing, both of us motionless, taking in the moment, not sure what to do!   Finally I decided to continue and as I raced up the path stomping heavily, so too did the snake, with a LOUD rustle, race off in the other direction!  I still feel so grateful to that snake for waking me up and bringing me back to the present moment (and leaving me be!!!).

As I continued that walk I found a beautiful spot to stop high in the hills and take in the view with thoughts of the future and planning still persistently pounding away when I glanced down and discovered 2 royal blue coloured ants….(I have never seen anything like it and I can’t find any record of them on line?  Did I imagine it?)  Those ants were so startlingly blue that I could just focus on them and feel the peace as I began to just BE and let everything else go!   What a gift, thank you royal blue ants!

So it was back home to the chaos of everyday life but with some memorable moments and some calmness and peace in the tank to get me through another week!

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