Why a mindfulness blog?

I find it is so much easier to be mindful when on holidays but the big question for me is how can I be mindful in day to day living, with 4 kids in a busy household and work and partner and extrended family and friends and other obligations calling?  My aim is to keep finding ways to be mindful throughout the daily chaos….and to record the process here.  I am hoping this might keep the process of mindfulness in the forefront in my life…..not something I think wistfully about at the end of the day!!!  Maybe this blog will also help on those really bad days to see that overall I am making some progress when I can often feel like I am going backwards!

I did the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course almost 2 years ago and I found it transformed the way I approached my life!  I guess I went through a honeymoon phase where I could really see that a daily meditation / mindfulness practice was helping me to be so much more calmer and less stressed.   But life continues apace and constantly changes.   Recently I took on a new job and was consumed with it, all my promises to myself to be mindful flying out the window!  Some mindfulness still got me through the stressful times….but I wanted to do so much more!  I REALLY want to relish the present moment, especially with my kids who are growing up so fast and mindfulness seems the best way!

So I have renegotiated less hours for that ever-elusive work-life balance and I am keen to focus on putting mindfulness into other aspects of my life, wherever and whenever I can….realising of course that it is a matter of stringing together the little moments of mindfulness and NOT aiming for a feeling of zen-ness to last for long periods of time, which I am totally inclined to do!    If that happens I will let you know!  From little things big things grow….hopefully!

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