Mindful Feet

So at the beginning of this ‘ find more mindful moments’ pledge I have just in the last 24 hours focussed on my feet!   Whenever I think about it, particularly in an interaction with one of my kids ( that may or may not be slightly tense) I focus on my feet; where are they?, how do they feel?, which bit is touching the floor? and it seems to work!  It seems to keep me grounded and calmer….even if I am not breathing or relaxing my shoulders or any of those other aims I may have had in the past!   Aiming for little mindful moments is reducing the pressure of high expectations.

Yesterday at work I sensed how tired and overloaded I felt and I remembered “FEET”!  So I took my shoes off and it made a difference….to feel the carpet, to walk around in that work space with barefeet ( to smell the waft of sweaty shoes….no, just joking!) and it brought me back to my body, to NOW, to the need to slow down, to go home!

I’ll keep mindfully focussing on my feet and will let you know how I go!

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